Zombie Apocalypse TikTok Video 2022 – Video Debunked

A viral Zombie Apocalypse video has convinced TikTok users that Zombies are going to take over the world in 2022. Several innocent users on TikTok are convinced about what the video claims and they are concerned about the Zombie Apocalypse they are going to encounter in the year 2022. So, is this video real or it is just another speculation? We have gathered all the information here in this article.

From sea mermaid videos to spooky flying broom and zombie woman, we have seen a lot of alien videos on TikTok as of now. The majority of users do not agree with such videos, there are a few who are still convinced about the arrival of Zombies in 2022.

We also have seen time travelers who claimed that the world is going to end soon, but it’s been several years since such videos went viral and nothing has happened so far.

Just recently, there was a rumor on TikTok that claimed that the world would end due to CERN restarting its Large Hadron Collider (LHC). It too was proved just speculation later on.

But is Zombie Apocalypse TikTok Video that is trending in 2022 real? We have explained the video below.

Is The Zombie Apocalypse TikTok Video 2022 Real?

Image Of Is The Zombie Apocalypse TikTok Video 2022 Real

TikTok users are looking back at a 2021 video that featured a distressed woman who looked more like a zombie, walking on the roads mourning. The video had become immensely viral in the year 2021 and millions of users were convinced that she was a zombie.

However, the case was later confirmed and authorities revealed that she was just a woman who was in mental distress. This video is still circulating on TikTok convincing thousands of her being a zombie.

Some users are also sharing a 2021 article on TikTok that talks about a possible zombie outbreak in 2022. Following the popularity of this article, some users have also claimed that CDC had come up with guidelines to follow in case there was a zombie outbreak.

Besides this, there are several other fake videos circulating on TikTok that claim that zombie apocalypse is on its way in 2022. Such videos are creating fear among TikTok users, especially among youngsters. However, these videos are just speculations and are nothing other than rumors spread by TikTok content creators to garner likes and views.

TikTok Zombie Apocalypse Video 2022

Image Of TikTok Zombie Apocalypse Video 2022

Rest assured there is nothing going to happen such as Zombie Apocalypse. It just happens in movies and whatever you are witnessing on TikTok are mere speculations. To be a responsible internet user, you must report videos that are spreading rumors.

Although there is not a single proof of the existence of Zombies, there are millions of people who believe in their existence. Such people who believe in the existence of zombies observe a zombie awareness month every year from May 1 to May 31.

During this month the believers of Zombies existence come together to host events and raise awareness about what one can do in case a zombie apocalypse does happen.

There also are several books that talk about what one should do in case they are attacked by a zombie. But not a single event of spotting a zombie has been confirmed as of now. So, don’t worry about the Zombie apocalypse as no such thing has ever happened in past neither it is going to happen now.

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The Last Words

This was all about the viral Zombie Apocalypse TikTok Video that is creating fear among TikTok users in 2022. To all such users who are convinced about what these videos say, don’t trust them because they are all just rumors.

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