10K Summer Challenge TikTok — What Does It Mean?

The latest ‘10K Summer Challenge’ has come up with a very important message on TikTok and users cannot stop agreeing to it. What is the 10K Summer Challenge on TikTok all about and why is it trending on the video-sharing app? We have gathered everything here in this blog. Keep reading and get to know all the details about this viral TikTok challenge.

TikTok challenges are an incredible way to stay amused. It also helps garner the video creators millions of views and hearts on TikTok. If you want to increase your follower count then you should cope with all the trending challenges. Thanks to the TikTok challenges, that keeps our Foryou page with updated content. 

Besides taking care of your entertainment, TikTok creators also make sure that you get informed about everything that is trending. They also play their part in spreading positivity on the video-sharing app.

Currently, a content creator has rolled a video that is requesting all the famous TikTok content creators take a leave until September 2022. But why has the video creator made such a demand? We have broken down everything here in this article, keep reading.

What Is The 10K Summer Challenge On TikTok?

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TikTok’s 10K Summer Challenge is getting traction on the video-sharing app after users have shown great support for it. In this video, a user named Tory bae has requested the white creators of TikTok to take a break until September 22nd.

The aim of this trend is to provide minority groups the freedom to create content and get recognition for their efforts. This video has garnered more than 66K views so far and thousands of users have shown their support to it by reposting it on their handles.

Here is what Tory Bae said in her viral video, “If you are a white liberal or consider yourself to be a white ally, I have a challenge for you.”

She further added, “Don’t create any more content on TikTok until September 22nd. Honestly, you deserve a break because every day is a white person’s day and you all must be exhausted. So while you sit back, listen, relax, and truly decenter yourself, black indigenous and other people of color, we got it from here.”

Tory also wrote that the white liberals can like, comment, and share others’ videos but the challenge for them is not to create content until September.

Most of the users have supported the idea as they think the minorities don’t get recognition for their efforts.

TikTok 10K Summer Challenge

Image Of TikTok 10K Summer Challenge

Tory bae has created another video following the first and this time it aims at answering the questions about the challenge she has given to the white liberals. She wrote in the caption:

“Use the hashtag this summer so we can all have easy access to the amazing Black Indigenous & other creators of color & expand our community”.

She further added, “If you’re not participating, you don’t have to let us know. Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything”.

To the videos, her followers have responded differently. One user wrote, “I would love for the next time a challenge comes around, the response is not – “this won’t work!” And is “how can we make this work?” instead.”

Another user said, “This is literally all I wanted, was more information, not called out and told I think you’re inferior. I simply wanted options for us and creators.”

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The Last Words

This was all about the viral 10K Summer Challenge on TikTok and its origin on the platform. Hopefully, we are able to provide all the information you were looking for.

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