Is Gotosellers Scam? An Unbiased Review [June 2022]

Gotosellers has become the talk of the town as some online buyers think it is a scam Site. So, is Gotosellers really a scam or a legit online store? We have gathered all the essential details about this viral website, keep reading.

Online buying and selling have become a difficult deal as the number of scams is soaring to an alarming level. We get to hear about hundreds of scams with each passing day and users start crying over their lost money on the reviews they find on the internet later on.

Although, we try our best to write legit reviews of websites people often don’t consider reading reviews before placing an order. Considering how users are getting scammed with each passing day, we must play our role in educating the online buyers on the precautionary measures to avoid scams.

The first and foremost tools that can help you get rid of scams are online reviews. The way you read reviews of applications before installing them, you must make a habit of reading website reviews before making any purchase. Doing so will save you from getting scammed.

In order to play our part to inform online buyers about the legitimacy of websites, today we are here with the legit review of ‘Gotosellers’ the current trendy website. Is Gotosellers a scam or a legit store? Let’s dig it out together.

Is Gotosellers A Legit Website?

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Before getting into the details about the legitimacy of the Gotosellers website, let’s understand the model that it follows.

Well, Gotosellers is an online website that deals with a variety of items. From apparel to shoe wear and several other necessities, users can find multiple items on this online website. But the website is not selling its own products. It claims to be a consignment store that makes the buying and selling experience easier.

The website further claims to sell authenticated products that are examined by its trained staff. Some of the major items we were able to find on this website include:

  • Women Footwear
  • Toddler Footwear
  • Masks
  • Clothing for both men and women
  • Toddler Clothing

To assess whether or not Gotosellers is a legit website, we have assessed the website in the proceeding paragraph. Have a look!

Gotosellers Reviews

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We have assessed the website on multiple factors. Below is the detail:

1. Domain Age

The domain age of Gotosellers is quite small as it was registered on 11th May 2022. It is just a month and two days old, so it doesn’t seem credible for now.

2. Social media presence

We checked all the social media platforms including, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts, unfortunately, Gotosellers is nowhere to be found.

3. Payment Methods

Gotosellers offers very limited payment options. It only accepts payments through PayPal which is again a negative point.

4. Trust Score

The website ‘Gotosellers’ has boasted a trust score of 1% which is a poor score. Based on its trust score the website is not reliable for now.

5. Customer Reviews

We were unable to spot any customer review for Gotosellers both on its website and on the internet. It is again a negative point and the website seems suspicious.

Besides all the above factors, the website offers 50% discounts on several products which seems to be a tactic for luring users. Also, there is no contact detail provided on the website and we also couldn’t find the owner’s details.

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Final Verdict

After considering all the available information we have come to the conclusion that Gotosellers is a scam site. Users must beware while making any deal with the Gotosellers website.

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