3rd World Meaning On TikTok — Viral Trend Explored

The new 3rd World trend is taking roots on TikTok but few of the TikTok users are aware of its meaning. If you are unaware of what this challenge actually means, here is all about the trendy 3rd World trend and its meaning on TikTok.

TikTok is full of weird terms and short forms, so it is almost impossible for new users to grasp everything they see on the foryou page. From slang terms to shorthands, users have created a whole new world of baffling words on this video-sharing platform. Even the TikTok challenges, sometimes are quite difficult to understand as they bear hidden meanings behind them.

A similar challenge is which is quite difficult to understand is making rounds on TikTok recently. However, the 3rd World challenge has got a little more attention on the video-sharing app, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are looking for the meaning of the 3rd World challenge, you are not alone. Let’s explore the meaning behind the weird hand symbol affiliated with this viral trend.

What Does 3rd World Challenge Mean On TikTok?

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3rd World Challenge is a recent trend to go viral on the foryou page of TikTok. This trendy term has been confusing all the TikTok users recently but netizens believe the trend hasn’t any hidden meaning behind it.

This isn’t bizarre slang nor it has a secret meaning, it’s just a song users have been using for their videos on the video-sharing app. The track’s name is 3rd World Free Boski Turnt Up by Lil Blood Feat. Lil Goofy and is a famous track of TikTok.

In the song, the singer repeats ‘3rd World’ over and over again and this is how the trend has got its meaning. As the song has become quite popular users on TikTok are participating in the trend one after another.

Some users might think the “3rd World Challenge” refers to poor countries or economies that are developing, but this is a wrong conception. The popular 3rd World Challenge has nothing to do with the countries that are less industrialized. It is just a fun challenge that TikTok users have developed for themselves.

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3rd World TikTok Trend Meaning

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So, the 3rd World TikTok Trend has no secret meaning behind it. It is just a fun challenge, created by a group of TikTok users inspired by the “Third world song” by Lil Blood.

The challenge involves more than 2 persons. While recording the video for 3rd World TikTok Trend, users have to pass the phone between their entire group members. Every time Lil Blood says the phrase “3rd world countries” pass the phone to the person standing next to you, he/she will do the signature hand sign and will pass the phone to the person standing next. This way the phone will be passed to every individual and they will record their hand sign.

Once you are done with recording add the hashtag #3rdworldcountries and roll it on to TikTok.

Thousands of users have already participated in the trend and this viral trend has amassed considerable popularity over the Chinese video-sharing app.

However, some users thought as if the challenge is about the 3rd world economies and considered it as an offensive one. But the challenge doesn’t talk about any such thing. It is just a fun challenge that users have developed recently. Meanwhile, it is unclear if Lil Blood has referred to third-world countries or not.

Bottom Line

This was all about the viral trend, “Third World Countries” and the meaning behind this viral phrase. Hopefully, you have got all the information you needed to know.

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