“MLM” Meaning On TikTok – Explored

A new acronym “MLM” is flaunting across the foryou page of TikTok recently but its meaning isn’t what you are thinking right now. Although, it means “multi-level marketing” outside the TikTok world, but it bears a different meaning on TikTok. Let’s dig out its actual meaning.

To keep their conversations secret, TikTok users have come up with a wide variety of acronyms on TikTok. From slang terms to shorthands, TikTok users have come up with new terms. Long story short, the TikTok users have their own dictionary of words and it’s quite difficult for a new user to grasp everything he comes across on TikTok.

Most recently, the Savvy TikTok users are obsessed with a new short-form, “MLM” that has baffled all the new users on the platform. If you are among the users who are unaware of its meaning, we have got you covered. Keep scrolling and learn all the secret meanings behind TikTok’s current viral acronym “MLM”.

What Does MLM Mean On TikTok?

“MLM” bears multiple-meaning on the video-sharing platform. You might have to understand its meaning considering the context of the video it is being used in.

In some places, users may write “MLM” to say “Man love men”. Video creators write this term when trying to explain the content of the video. The hashtag #MLM is used to signify that the video it is being used with is about gay men.

In another context, the term “MLM” may mean “Mexican Lives Matter”. This acronym is used with the videos that showcased the brutality Mexicans face in the USA. It simply gives a glimpse of how Mexicans are being treated in the US.

This hashtag was popular when former president Donald Trump made a decision of putting immigrant children in cages.

However, some marketing companies available on the platform may use this acronym to talk about “multi-level marketing”. So, depending on the context, the trendy short form “MLM” may have a different meaning.

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MLM Meaning Explored

We have saved you a Google search and have come up with its formal meaning according to the urban dictionary. Here is the meaning of “MLM” according to the Urban Dictionary.

“MLM is an abbreviation for (depending on the context) three different terms:

Multi-Level Marketing (basically pyramid schemes)

Men Loving Men (self-explanatory)

Marxism-Leninism-Maoism (synthesis of Maoism and classic MLism)

Be sure to watch for context bc these are all obviously VERY different concepts (or else you’ll be pretty f*cking confuse)

Example – person 1: *has MLM in their bio*

Person 2: they must either be hot or a literal fraud.”

Here’s another explanation of “MLM” from the Urban Dictionary.

An acronym that stands for male loves male, Muslim lives matter, and multi-level marketing.

Male loves male is males who love other males, for example, bisexual, gay, and pansexual men. Trans guys are also in this category since they’re in fact men, you imbeciles.

Muslim lives matter is a movement that brings equality to those who are Muslim, similar to what the BLM movement aims to achieve.

Multi-level marketing is pretty much just a scam.

(1st definition)

Example – Girl: Hey did you see Kevin over there, he was kissing Mark.

Girl 2: Yeah, he’s in the MLM community.

(2nd definition)

Guy: Have you heard about the Muslim discrimination going on right now?

Person: Yeah, MLM.

(3rd definition)

Girl: Julie from high school just messaged me on Facebook asking me to join her weight loss program?

Guy: Yeah, ignore it. It’s just a stupid MLM.

Bottom Line

This was all about the trendy shorthand “MLM” from TikTok. Hopefully, the viral phrase makes sense to you now.

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