‘Add Yours’ Photo Trend Instagram Is Taking Over The Platform

A new Instagram photo trend ‘Add Yours’ is going viral on the platform and users seem obsessed with it. While there are thousands of users who participated in this trend already, there are also some who are unable to spot how it works. If you are among the users looking to be part of this trend, here is everything you need to know.

Although TikTok challenges are most popular on the internet, Instagram challenges are no way behind. This time Instagram users are behind a unique trend that involves people sharing a photo to your story that matches a specific caption. You are also required to use a specific sticker to complete the challenge.

Now, you must be curious to know how to be part of this challenge and where to get this sticker? Well, we have addressed all your queries in the following paragraphs. Stay tuned!

What Is ‘Add Yours’ Photo Trend On Instagram

Image Of What Is ‘Add Yours’ Photo Trend On Instagram

‘Add Yours’ Photo Trend is the current viral trend on Instagram. Following the trend, Instagram users are sharing photos to their stories with a shared sticker. Many users are proudly flaunting their pictures with this new sticker while thousands of others are wondering to spot the sticker.

Some users believe that this trendy sticker is only available for iPhone users while others have revealed it’s a new feature that is in the testing process.

This new feature enables the users to come up with a collaborative album. All you are required to do is, read the caption, and share your picture that relates to the caption. Similarly, your friends can continue by sharing their pictures related to the caption hence it creates a long chain.

Some of the popular captions we have witnessed so far are, ‘favorite photo from this summer, ‘who are you in love with’ and beach pictures.

This is quite a unique feature that we have spotted on any of the social media platforms. A collaborative album sounds cool but the bad news is, this feature is available in a few countries only.

Seeing their Instagram friends taking part in this popular trend, some users have rushed to Twitter to inquire about how they can access this feature. While sharing a screenshot of the sticker, one user wrote, “I’m confused asf how do y’all use that ‘add yours’ thing on Instagram? Is it only for apple users”.

Well, no, the feature isn’t for Apple users only. It can be accessed by both apple and android users but only in specific countries.

How To Do The ‘Add Yours’ Photo Trend On Instagram

Image Of How To Do The ‘Add Yours’ Photo Trend On Instagram

Instagram’s new ‘Add Yours’ sticker trend is available for users of a few countries only. It is expected that the option will be made available to the rest of the users very soon.

If you live in a country where the feature is accessible, here is how to get it.

  • Tap on the add story option and select an image from your gallery.
  • Now, tap on the second bubble located in the top-right hand corner of your mobile screen.
  • Here, you will spot a sticker that reads ‘Add Yours’.
  • Select the sticker and add any caption that you want your followers to follow.

If you live in a country where this sticker isn’t rolled, you can access a similar sticker created by an Augmented Reality filter creator named @astrida_03. Visit the creator’s profile and find the sticker to be part of the viral ‘Add Yours’ Photo Trend from Instagram.

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Last Words

This was all about the current viral Instagram trend and ways to be part of it. If you want any further clarity about the trend, you can drop your question in the below comment box.

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