All set for the Forge of Empire Fall Event 2020

Forge of Empire FOE

Developed by InnoGames, Forge of Empires is a browser game. Interestingly, this game lets you build your own city and develop it into a mighty empire. Moreover, the Game comes up with several events each year which falls into three categories: Seasonal, Special and Historical Questline. Now, it is coming up with its seasonal event Forge of Empire Fall Event 2020.

This event has proceeded from 10th September and it will be running till 30th September

This event will be mostly similar to previous fall event — the beta server where all quests will be identical. But the prizes in this event would be better for sure. This can even be anticipated from the fact that the prizes for the autumn even 2020 have considerably improved comparing it with previous years autumn events.

Once again the theme of the event will be to bake the cake; the more cakes the more you can win prizes. For baking you have to collect some ingredients (special resources of this event).



In the beginning, everything is focused on collecting as many ingredients as you can so that you can bake various recipes later. You will get one ingredient upon logging in. You will get the ingredients in a order from Apple to Caramel each day.

There are five basic ingredients needed to be accumulated. These are apple, pumpkins, cinnamon, chocolate and Caramel. You required these ingredients in specific quantities for each recipe.

The primary contributor of an ingredient is a quest but you can also get ingredients from Incidents or Daily Challenges. You can also buy additional ingredients using the Diamonds.


Recipes are basically treasuring chests and have various star ratings in them. The cheapest ones will be 1-star, and they will obviously have inferior rewards as compared to the 2-star and 3-star recipes. The stars depend on the number of ingredients in your recipe. For each pastry/cake, you need 1 to 3 ingredients.

Upon collecting stars, you proceed on to the Fall Buffet Table. On this table, when you succeed in placing items worth 20 stars, you will win the grand prize.

It is a recommendation to select the recipe with the ingredients which you have the most. So you should wait for a day with the desired daily prize and then bake the recipe that best brings the ingredients to an even level.

FOE Fall 2020


The two featured questlines of the event are the Main/rush Quests and the Daily Quests.

The Main Questline splits into further two questlines. You may choose to complete first set of queslines first or complete on from each list in turns. Whichever way you choose, you need to complete Main quests before jumping onto the daily quests.  

The Daily Questline provides you one quest per day, for the 21 days of the event. These Quests will stack until you have completed the Main Questlines. So you will not miss any if you do not complete the Main Questlines on the first day.

After completing the Main Questline, you will be able to complete stacked Daily Quests without any delay and after that, one quest per day. The Main Questline offers two parallel questlines after the first four quests.

As already mentioned, each quest reward you a random ingredient. Once you complete Quest 37, you can collect 4 of each ingredient.


In this event, you have five leagues namely Hobby, Trainee, Apprentice, Professional, Star Baker. You require certain amount of stars to be in a league. The more stars the higher will be the league. Thus the more you bake cakes, the higher will be league as well.

 To reach advanced leagues, you may need to use your diamonds as well.


League Rewards

There are upto 5 prizes, one for Hobby and 6 for Star Baker. The prizes ranges from Forge points to Sentinel Outpost Level 2 and portrait of Zoe.

Grand Prize

There are total 18 Grand Prizes which you can win by winning 20 stars each.

All the gamers, you’re welcome to be part of this mega forge of empires fall event 2020

fall event.

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