Piso Wi-Fi Pause Time: How to Get Connected? Explained

In Philippine Piso Wi-Fi is one of the most prominent Wi-Fi services. To use Wi-Fi, it is necessary to get a package and use it accordingly. There are various cases that some people who need internet service can’t afford the package to take. For them, there is an opportunity in form of Piso Wi-Fi pause time

Internet facility has become a basic necessity for everyone in this era. The world has become a Global Village with the help of internet service. Through the internet, we can have access to anything we need, in form of information. We can buy everything while staying home through the internet from online stores. The internet has made our lives easier for sure.

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When we talk about the internet, the thing which comes to our mind is telecom companies and their internet service packages. Which company is offering the lowest rates with better quality. In this article, we will discuss the Piso Wi-Fi

What is Piso Wi-Fi Pause Time

It is one of the best internet services in the Philippines. Basically, Piso Wi-Fi was started with PISONET which was an arcade-style internet. Piso Wi-Fi is started in 2017 and got fame in a shorter time.

In this users are able to use the internet with the help of coins. We can say that PISONET makes the meaning to one-peso internet. PISONET was started in 2011 but it is now replace with Piso Wi-Fi in 2017.

This service is provided through a vending machine. This is the rental internet service that you can buy with coins, so someone who can’t afford internet packages or someone who wants to spend less on internet service can use this Piso-Wi-Fi Service.

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Wi-Fi AdoPiSoft

It is one of the primary management software for coin-operated Wi-Fi hotspot machines in the Philippine. This is designed in a such way that anyone can easily get access to the internet connection, even if they are non-technical people.

The Login Procedure for Piso Wi-Fi

If you are in Philippine and you need internet service for almost free. Then in order to get connect to the Piso Wi-Fi. follow the below-given steps

First of all, search for the vending machine nearest to you.

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When you find one, search for the Wi-Fi SSID.

Then it is required to connect to AdoPiSoft and enter the given key. This will lead you to the login option.

Then the machine will ask for coin and you need to insert the coin first before starting the use of service.

After inserting the coin, the machine will identify it and authenticate the service.

Benefits of Piso Wi-Fi Service

This is one of the most convenient internet services for people who can’t afford or who want to be economical.

The telecom companies are taking benefits of this cheap internet service.

The IP address is essential and most effective that it can be used more than once.

The administration manages it from anywhere with the help of a rate management system.

It helps you to cope with bandwidth, users, and most prominently the rate time.

It is very well designed that it can be used by anyone anytime without going through a big procedure.

Most importantly it is almost free and it isn’t necessary to buy internet packages of minor internet related works.

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Internet service has become very essential for everyone in the world. With the help of the internet, we can easily get to know what is going on in other parts of the world. Piso Wi-Fi is playing a vital role as internet service in the Philippines. Other countries should also follow this step to provide cheap internet service to its citizens.

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