Andrew Braddock TikTok: Fans are confused Is He Real?

In past months, toward the beginning of the novel coronavirus pandemic shutting things down in the U.S a brand new streaming service called Quibi officially launched. Talking about Andrew Braddock TikTok, Andrew is played by actor Tye Sheridan, who has previously starred in Ready Player One, Dark Phoenix, and X-Men: Apocalypse and Dead pool 2. 

It seems like some people didn’t recognize him from the clip, and it’s pretty clear that absolutely no one watched the Quibi show either. Eventually, the decision to shut down Quibi was a proactive move meant to ensure shareholder equity.

Who Is Andrew Braddock?

Andrew Braddock is not a real person. Well, there might be a real Andrew Braddock out there but, in this case, he’s not real character. Wireless was released on Quibi in September, a month before it announced it was shutting down.

It seemed like both an odd time and the perfect opportunity to offer social-distancing Americans yet another option for entertainment. At just $4.99 per month, Quibi offered users a short-form viewing experience.

 It is not clear yet who posted the TikTok, only source was that it came from user ineedhelp438 and that they’ve only posted this one video. It currently has 4.2 million views and over 30,000 people commented on it.

image of andrew braddock

Andrew Braddock Freezing

Another ominous video is going viral on TikTok again, and it’s all thanks to a “missing” guy called Andrew Braddock. A short clip of a young man, freezing to death with a bloody nose, was originally posted by user @ineedhelp438 on TikTok on October 7th, although it only seems to be going viral a month later. It’s since received over 6 million views, and currently has over 1m likes and 21k shares.

The comment section is… well, it’s a mixed bag. Some people were genuinely concerned, and were asking if he was ok. One commenter wrote “what is this. Please I’m panicking what…”, while another even wrote that they had contacted his mother. Some people, on the other hand, had already figured out it wasn’t real and others were just vibing with meme comments. Thankfully, the clip is not real. It’s from a Quibi show called Wireless.

Is Andrew Braddock missing?

Andrew Braddock is not missing, he is in his home in the Capital territory. However, fans on TikTok are confused that he is missing due to the Quibi video that has gone viral on TikTok.  You might remember Quibi as an ambitious streaming platform targeted towards mobile viewers. A video of the show Quibi’s show Wireless went viral on TikTok on which an actor playing a character by the name of Andrew Braddock says that he is missing. 

In the video, Andrew says: “Hello. My name is Andrew Braddock, please give this video to my mother, Elaine Braddock. Mom, if you’re watching this right now it means that I never made it out of here.”

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The video clip was uploaded on7 oct,2020 by a user  ‘ineedhelp438’. TikTok has not uploaded any other videos than the viral Braddock video. The video is not real and is a TV show however, people are concerned that Andrew Braddock is missing.  The actor in the viral TikTok video is ‘Tye Sheridan’ and is 23 years old. Some  sources report that people think the video is real because the show was not that popular and nobody watched the actual clip. 

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