How To Get The OG Default Pickaxe — Explained

Have you heard that the default Pickaxe is back in Fortnite? If not, then don’t miss the chance. Keep reading because article will enlighten you to know, How To Get The OG Default Pickaxe.

There was a time in Fortnite when having a Pickaxe was a big target for every gamer. But as the time has changed now, Epic has reintroduced the OG default Pickaxe in game and all the gamers have now got a chance to acquire it.

In a blog post Epic has mentioned that the gamers would be able to get the OG Default Pickaxe in Fortnite chapter 1 for free. Players can get the throwback Axe Pickaxe now because its now available since November 4 2010.

In  a recent blog post realeased by Epic, they have infoemed the players that Fortnite is now available on both next generation consoles, Xbox series, PS5 (PlayStation). Next generation consoles will be available for players from the coming week and players can play Fortnite on any of the two platforms.

Further, players can now get into matches much faster and have an amazing gaming experience on better dynamic visuals on the series x.

How To Get OG Default Pickaxe In Fortnite

Imager Of How To Get OG Default Pickaxe In Fortnite.

Fortnite is going to release its next- gen console next week, to celebrate this, it has enabled the players to claim the OG Fortnite Pickaxe, officially known as throwback Axe for free. Fortnite players will have plenty of time to claim this free gift. But remember that it’s available for a limited time span so it’s better to claim the free harvest at your earliest convenience.

Players do not have to pay any actual money to add the Pickaxe into their locker because, isn’t it a big surprise? Hell yes! Now what are you waiting for? Claim The OG Default Pickaxe as soon as possible and collect some mats as if it’s the season 1 again

How To Get The Throwback Axe Pickaxe In Fortnite

If you are probing to know how OG Default throwback Axe Pickaxe can be obtained the, here is the solution,

Epic has informed all its players that the Throwback Axe will be available for all the users playing at different platforms. For all the gamers who play on PlayStation, may find the Throwback Axe in the PlayStation store for free. While the all other players can get it from item shop. Players should note that the Throwback Axe will be available from 5th of November 2020 till January 15th 2021.

Since the Throwback Axe has been reintroduced, rumors are flaunting that the Fortnite default skins will also make a return. This can be considered true because it has been confirmed that the Fortnite default skins will also return to the item shops very soon. Considering all these gifts it seems like Fortnite is allowing the players to celebrate its origins.

Some of the players have also shared their opinion that, with the reintroduction of Picaxe, the old Fortnite map might also be making a comeback in the upcoming seasons. But that’s just an opinion, let’s wait for the next update to know how accurate the opinion is.

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Epic has given an amazing gift to all its players by enabling them to claim the The OG Default Pickaxe for free and live the again in the Fortnite’s season one. By The OG Default Pickaxe the old palyers of battle royale will be able to feel the initial days of Fortnite. While the new players will have a whole new experience. Plus they will also have an additional item in their locker.

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