Angel Cut With Layers Meaning On TikTok – Explained

Users on TikTok are wondering to know the meaning of ‘Angel Cut With Layers’ as the phrase has gone viral on the video-sharing app. If you are among these users confused about this tricky social media phrase, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about Angel Cut With Layers and its meaning on TikTok.

Besides being known for bizarre theories and dance trends, TikTok also is known for creating awareness about important issues. It entirely depends on you what type of content you want to consume. If you decide to interact with useful content, you are going to need it someday in your real life however, dance challenges are only going to entertain you for now.

The latest phrase to trend on TikTok is Angel Cut With Layers and it is about something really important. If you perceive it as slang, you are making a mistake. It is about something really useful and below we are going to reveal everything about Angel Cut With Layers and its meaning on TikTok. Stay tuned to get it all.

What Is The Meaning Of Angel Cut With Layers?

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The term Angel Cut With Layers has gone viral on TikTok after a hairstylist named Leda Fazal talked about it. In a recent video that has garnered thousands of views and comments, she has reveled that the term refers to an abusive relationship or to someone who is facing domestic violence.

The stylist revealed that often get to hear this phrase in saloons after they ask their clients about the type of haircut they want. If upon asking how you would like your hair to be cut, she replies saying, “angel cut with layers”, it means she is a victim of domestic abuse and is seeking help.

The influencer who has talked about this very informative phrase is a 21-year-old stylist who goes by the handle Leda-Hair Queen on TikTok. She is mainly known for her content related to domestic violence. She creates short skits to create awareness among people about the different ways they can get out of abusive relationships.

In her recent video, she talked about Angel Cut With Layers phrase and tried to create awareness about this useful phrase. In its caption, she wrote, “Nobody should control how you wear your hair period”, with another comment that reads: “Please share this however you can to spread awareness.”

This video is being viewed more than 1.5 million times now and it has sparked several conversations about domestic abuse.

Several TikTok users have thanked the influencer hairstylist for educating them ways to identify a domestic violence victim.

TikTok Angel Cut With Layers Meaning

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If you are a victim of domestic abuse, there are several ways you can report it without saying it with your mouth. For example, the Canadian Women’s Foundation has revealed that the gesture to report domestic violence can be made with one hand.

To report any sort of abuse, you can make the below gesture:

  • Firstly, face your palm forward with your thumb tucked in.
  • Next, close your fingers over the thumb that is already tucked in.
  • Show the gesture to someone whom you think can help you.

This is a universally known symbol and is also known as “The violence at the home signal for help.” Earlier, a young girl was saved after she made this gesture seeing a police officer.

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The Last Words

This was all about the meaning of ‘Angel Cut With Layers’ on TikTok and how can it be used in different scenarios. Hopefully, the information was helpful.

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