Are Abbie Herbert And Chris Olsen Siblings? Explained

After the latest video shared by Abbie Herbert featuring Poot and Chris Olsen has gone viral, TikTok users are curious to know if they are siblings. In the video, Abbie Herbert introduces her daughter to Chris Olsen and has revealed that Chris is meeting his niece for the very first time. So, the question is, are Abbie Herbert and Chris Olsen Siblings? We have explored everything here in this article. Read on to know everything we know about Abbie and Chris so far.

TikTok users are on a mission to explore the relationship between Abbie Herbert and Chris Olsen. The curiosity of fans has reached a whole new level after a video shared by Abbie Herbert has gone viral on the platform.

Chris can be seen quite excited to meet Abbie’s daughter whom he called his niece. Seeing the video, users are now pouring Twitter with their questions. Some of these users think Abbie and Chris are siblings while many others argue otherwise. However, here is the answer.

Abbie Herbert And Chris Olsen’s Relation

Image Of Abbie Herbert And Chris Olsen’s Relation

Abbie’s recent TikTok snippet has amassed immense traction after she introduced Chris as her brother. In the video, Chris can be seen meeting ‘POOT’, the 9-year-old baby of Abbie Herbert for the very first time.

Abbie captioned the video. “BEST SURPRISE, LIKE FOR MORE UNCLE CHRIS & POOT”. In the video, Abbie has further introduced ‘Chris’ as her brother and her baby’s uncle. She further added that Chris has flown down from Pittsburgh to visit his niece for the very first time.

The video is quite adorable as Chris and Poot both can be seen jumping with joy. The uncle-niece duo seemed to enjoy their partnership.

In another video shared by Chris, Poot can be seen smiling while Chris makes fun of her name ‘POOT’. He has expressed how much he has loved Poot’s company thus has written in the comment section, “I should’ve visited earlier”.

Following both the videos, users have started connecting the dots to explore the relations between Chris and Abbie.

Although both the TikTok stars have not talked about their relationship, Abbie has called him brother while Chris said ‘he loves his niece’ in a comment under a video featuring Abbie’s daughter Poot.

Some TikTok users have revealed that Abbie’s maiden name was Oslen that she later has changed to Herbert after marrying Josh.

Most of Abbie’s fans are not aware of Abbie’s life before the wedding, thus they are not sure about her and Chris’ relationship. We might need to wait for Abbie or Chris to address the queries of their fans, only then can we say anything about their relationship.

Are Abbie And Chris Brother And Sister?

Image Of Are Abbie And Chris Brother And Sister

Hundreds of Abbie’s and Chris’ fans have taken it to Twitter to talk about the relationship these TikTok video creators share. Following are the Tweets made by people in response to the said query:

One person wrote, “There is no way that is your brother”.

Another said, “Whaaaat?! I can’t tell if this is a joke, or if he’s legit your brother haha”.

“Dots are not connecting for me. All I want to know is why did it take sooooo long to meet??”

One wrote a comment demanding, “Show us proof when you two were younger”.

Although the TikTok videos are trending on the app, the majority of users are not ready to believe that Abbie and Chis are brother and sister.

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The Last Words

The truth behind Abbie and Chris’ relationship can only be revealed if any of these TikTok stars come forward to talk about it. Till then all we can do is wait!

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