Are Noah Beck And Dixie D’amelio Still Dating? Debunked!

A TikTok comment made by Noah Beck has left fans wondering about whether Noah Beck and Dixie D’amelio are still dating or not. If you are among these fans of Dixie D’amelio and Noah Beck, we have gathered all information surrounding their relationship status. Keep reading and get to know all details you need to know.

The relationship between Noah Beck and Dixie D’amelio has always fascinated people. Although the couple tried their best to keep their relationship private, they couldn’t hide it for too long. They revealed their relationship officially in October 2020.

Since then the couple has never felt inappropriate to express their love publicly.  But now users are curious to know if things have now changed or not. Let’s explore if Noah Beck and Dixie D’amelio are still dating or not.

Is Noah Beck Still Dating Dixie D’amelio?

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Fans are aware of the eccentric humor of Noah but his recent TikTok comment has baffled the users. In the recent video shared on 23rd December, Noah was seen on a roller coaster with Holly Beck. The video has amassed millions of reactions and comments. However one of the comments made under the video has got all the attention.

In the comment, one user asked, “Are you still with Dixie”. Replying to this comment Noah wrote “Nah”. As soon as he wrote this reply, users have started speculating about the relationship status of Noah and Dixie.

Several other users have made comments under his videos and also on Twitter. In most of the comments and Tweets, users have asked if he and Dixie had broken up. Noah hasn’t replied to any of the tweets and comments while their fans are getting even more curious.

What Is The Relationship Status Of Noah Beck And Dixie D’amelio?

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Well, we all are aware of the eccentric humor of Noah, so we won’t take his reply seriously. Besides that, Dixie also made a comment on Twitter saying she was ‘single’ but she immediately removed the Tweet.

As Dixie removed the Tweet right after Tweeting, fans believed it to be a prank that aimed at driving more attention to a video by Bryce Hall that featured Dixie and Noah.

As far as their relationship is concerned, the couple seems doing well. And their relationship is getting stronger than before. Just yesterday the couple appeared in a live session on Instagram. In the live stream, fans even suggested Noah get Dixie a puppy. In the live stream, the couple was seen answering their fans’ questions.

Besides that, the couple also follows one another on all social media handles including TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. They are also posting pictures of them together on their social media handles. Also, they are seen creating videos on TikTok recently.

Despite all this available information, we have reached Noah and Dixie to tell us about their relationship status. However, we are yet to get an answer.

Considering the closeness this couple has and following what they have posted recently on their social media handles, it is safe to say that they are still dating.

So, if you love seeing Dixie and Noah together, don’t worry you will keep seeing them together in the future also. Forget about the comment that Noah has made on TikTok, it’s just his odd humor. Despite making this weird comment, the couple has appeared together. Thus, it means they are still in a relationship.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the comment made by Noah in one of his recent TikTok videos. Considering all the available information, we have concluded that Noah Beck and Dixie D’Amelio are still dating.

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