Is Cardi B Still Married To Offset? Debunked!=

The relationship of Cardi B and Offset has confused several users online and thousands of people are curious to know if Cardi B is still married to Offset or not. If you are among these users wondering to know the relationship status of Cardi B and Offset, we have got all the details here. Find everything you need to know.

Cardi B and Offset have remained in hot waters for their on-again and off-again relationship. As the couple keeps throwing parties on special occasions, some people are curious to know their relationship status.

What makes their relationship interesting is, Cardi B has kept reconciling with her man over and over again regardless of what people talk about them. Here is all you need to know about the current relationship status of Cardi B with Offset.

Are Cardi B And Offset Still Married?

Image Of Are Cradi B And Offset Still Married

The popular couple Cardi B and Offset had made headlines in the year 2020 as the WAP singer had filed for divorce. Following this news, most of their fans believe that Cardi B and Offset aren’t married anymore. However, the social media handles of Cardi B and Offset speak otherwise.

Talking about the divorce case of Cardi B and Offset, several websites revealed that, Cardi filed for the divorce at an Atlanta courthouse, explaining that their marriage was “irretrievably broken”.

Some reports have also claimed that Cardi was seeking legal custody of their daughter, Kulture. However, in the last quarter of 2020, Cardi revealed on her Instagram that she was back with her husband. Cardi revealed this news in one of her live Instagram sessions while leaving her fans wondering about her divorce file.

Later, the Insider revealed that Cardi B “filed to dismiss her petition for divorce”. Furthermore, this dismissal was reportedly filed “without prejudice”. It means she can refile for the divorce whenever she wants in the future.

So now, we can say that Cardi B and Offset are still married and they live together.

Cardi B And Offset’s Relationship Explored

Image Of Cardi B And Offset’s Relationship Explored

Just recently, Cardi B and Offset are making headlines and the WAP singer has gifted Offset a check for $2 million on his 30th birthday.

Be it their birthdays’, their daughter’s birthday, or any other special occasion, the couple has made heads turn with their extravagant celebrations.

In one of her recent Instagram stories, Cardi was spotted presenting a check of $2 million to her husband while Offset can be seen singing and dancing with happiness.

Some of her fans are wondering how come Cardi has gifted such a gigantic check! Well, Cardi can surely do that because her net worth is $40 million as of now.

Seeing Cardi giving such an expensive gift, fans have filled the internet with their reactions. Here are some of the light-hearted jokes made by their fans regarding their extravagant parties and gifts.

One person wrote on Twitter, “why would Cardi give Offset 2M ?!” cause it’s Cardi B… SHE CAN”

Another user joked saying, “@iamcardib Will you help me pay off my student loans? I promise they’re significantly cheaper than that cheque you gave Offset”

“Just in case anybody was wondering what I want for my birthday it’s $2 Million you got to come like Cardi B and Offset”. Wrote another user.

“Rapper – Cardi B gifts her husband – Offset One billion Naira to celebrate his 30th birthday”, reported another user.

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Bottom Line

This is all about if Cardi B is married still married to Offset or not. Hopefully, this piece of writing has provided all the details you needed to know.

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