Babygmaddie TikTok — The Viral TikTok Star

A new TikTok star, Babygmaddie is storming the foryou page of her TikTok with her viral videos. Revealed by TikTok users, Babygmaddie has recently posted some videos that do not meet TikTok’s terms and conditions. Every TikTok user is talking about her controversial content. Here is all we know about this trendy TikTok star.

Witnessing controversial content on the video-sharing app is quite normal for TikTok users. There are millions of video creators who upload a variety of content on the platform for the sake of views, likes, and comments. There also are some users who are popular for rolling inappropriate content on the app. A similar video creator is going viral these days who has posted some controversial videos recently.

Besides TikTok, Babygmaddie is also really popular on Twitter and Reddit. Users are curious to know more about her, hence they are snooping across all the social media websites.

Who Is Babygmaddie On TikTok?

Image Of Who Is Babygmaddie On TikTok

Babygmaddie is the current sensation on the Chinese video-sharing app. This TikTok artist has become popular recently for her controversial videos. Some users claim that her account is currently unavailable on the snippet-sharing app. But, before her account was banned she had amassed over 25K followers within an hour.

Babygmaddie is mainly popular on the app for her collaborative account with the video creator Zoey. The duo has amassed all the limelight from the TikTok app. But following Babygmaddie’s controversial videos, her account is taken down from the app.

As she has disappeared from the app, fans are looking for her other social media accounts and TikTok backup account. Fans have also rushed to Twitter and Reddit to know more about this TikTok sensation.

Although users are unable to access her account on TikTok, you can watch all her videos using, her videos are available under the username @babygmaddie. This urlebird account is being followed by over 205.88K followers. Her videos have also amassed over 1.04 Million hearts so far. So, the only way to watch her videos is to visit this urlebird account that goes as @babygmaddie.

Babygmaddie Age

Image Of Babygmaddie Age

There is very little information available about this TikTok user. We are unable to find any information about her parents, love life, and age. But the video creator is most likely in her twenties. She seems like a young girl.

In most of her videos available on urlebird, she can be seen wearing explicit clothes and she mainly creates funny videos bearing dark humor behind. The majority of her videos have earned over 10K hearts which is quite huge for a new TikTok user.

In one of her TikTok videos, Babygmaddie reveals that she is being told that her face doesn’t match her body. To justify this, in the first part of her video she hides her body with a blanket, followed by the second part where she appears wearing a skin-hugging bunny-top that reveals most of her body.

Well, I would totally agree with the people who think her body doesn’t match her face. Just looking at her face, one would perceive her as a young teen, but she has got big curves that make her look like an adult woman. This is the reason why most of her fans are not sure about her age. But most probably she is in her twenties.

According to the available information, she doesn’t have any boyfriend and her TikTok bio revealed that all she wants to do is enjoy her life alone.

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Concluding Words

This was all about TikTok’s current sensation Babygmaddie who has become popular on the platform for her controversial content. We are getting behind this popular content creator and will update you with more details. So, don’t forget to pay us a visit.

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