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Snapchat users are looking for the meaning of a viral acronym “HMPH” on the internet. If you are among these users wondering to get an idea about this popular term, you are going through the most relevant post. Keep reading and get to know the meaning of HMPH on Snapchat.

Snapchat being a popular social media application among youngsters is full of slang terms and acronyms. Besides its only unique streak feature, it is also popular for the collection of its slang terms.

Although the unique features of Snapchat are its filters and snippets, but it also provides a safe platform for communication. You can communicate with anyone without any fear because no one can screenshot your conversations without your knowledge. Snapchat always lets you know whenever someone screenshots your story, snaps, or conversation. So, youngsters mainly prefer this platform to communicate with their friends.

Also, the presence of Gen Z here on this platform has filled the platform with slang terms and acronyms. The latest shorthand that is going popular on Snapchat is HMPH, here is all we know about this trendy acronym.

What Is The Meaning Of HMPH On TikTok?

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HMPH currently is the most used acronym on Snapchat. This abbreviation has become so popular that even Snapchat has created a personalized sticker for this term.

Though the meaning of HMPH is quite easy and self-explanatory, but the majority of users are inquiring about it on several social media platforms.

By definition, the word HMPH means, “Expression of Scorn or Dissatisfaction”. The term is used by a person when he/she is dissatisfied by any action or word of his partner/friend. HMPH is currently going viral on several social sites including Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Many users have created personalized stickers to use on several messaging apps.

As soon as this world has become popular on Snapchat, people have taken it to Twitter and other prominent sites to discuss the idea behind it.

One Twitter user wrote, “Learned a new word, slang, acronym “hmph” – the expression of apathy and disagreement”,

Another said, “The slang these days. Hmph.”

Mentioning his social media friends, one user wrote, “you guys are mean~ hmph!”

Here’s another Tweet where a user used this viral acronym, “Chanhee going “Hmph!” because it was only juyeon and eric who said goodbye at first”.

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Where To Use HMPH?

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HMPH can be used to express your feelings of disagreement, dissatisfaction, or displeasure. Here are some of the examples that might help you know where to use this trendy Snapchat acronym.


Ningguang: [jokes]


Ningguang: I’m just joking

Example 2: So Lee Jihoon leaves us in drought only to surprise us with slicked-back hair? Hmph. I see how it is”.

You can use HMPH in the following scenarios:

1. If someone says anything bad to you.

2. You can use HMPH instead of swearing.

3. It can also be used while acknowledging something interesting.

4. You can reply with HMPH if someone sends you wrong or annoying message.

Besides all the above scenarios, HMPH can also be used to refer to, Hit Me Pretty Hard. It can be used as an expression of dying out of laughter.

So, you will decide the meaning of this popular acronym based on the context it is being used in.

Final Thoughts

This was all about the popular slang term HMPH and its meaning on Snapchat and other prominent social media sites. Hopefully, you have got all the information you needed to know.

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