Bark At Your Dog TikTok — Another Adorable Dog Trend

‘Bark At Your Dog’ is another adorable dog trend that is currently making rounds on TikTok. Thousands of dog owners have participated in this trend, thus the trend has become a big hit on TikTok. Here is more you need to know about this popular dog trend from TikTok.

TikTok is known for its fun filled trends and challenges. These challenges are an ultimate source of entertainment for the TikTok community. Since TikTok’s launch, users have come up with various entertaining and interesting trends.

Besides dance and funny videos, we have also seen numerous TikTok trends that were designed for pets only.

Following the viral dog challenges like happy dog and call your dog challenge, dog owners are now obsessed with Bark At Your Dog TikTok trend. This popular trend involves the dog owners accompanying their furry friends in barking and recording their dog’s reaction.

Bark At Your Dog TikTok Videos

Image Of Bark At Your Dog TikTok Videos

Bark At Your Dog is a new trend on TikTok that revolves around our best companions. If you are a dog owner, this is a must-try challenge. To be part of this challenge, all you are required to do is set beside your dog and bark at him/her. And yes, don’t forget to record their response.

This trend has helped us witness different sides of each dog, as they have given different reactions. While some pups got shy and quiet other are seen lashing out at their owners and barking at them even louder.

Some of the video that have become immensely popular are being created by ‘lifewithkleekai,’ ‘meekathehusky,’ ‘lilmfcurb’ and others.

One of the Bark At Your Dog TikTok videos was created by Meeka’s owner, which is an adorable husky. In the video, as Meeka’s owner barked at her, she gave a heart melting response. She got shy and was so surprised.

Users reaction About Bark At Your Dog Trend

Image Of Users reaction About Bark At Your Dog Trend

Thousands of Bark At Your Dog video renditions are flaunting on TikTok and puppies have given different reactions. Some have got angry seeing their owner’s imitating them while others are left shocked.

Users are enjoying the trend and they have given hilarious responses. Here are some notable comments made by TikTok users on ‘Bark At Your Dog’ videos.

 One user who took part in this adorable challenge along with is dog wrote, “I am barking at my dog and all he does is stare at me.”

Another said, “He said, “I’m not one of your lil friends.”

 “When he paused I swear he gave you time to run,” wrote another.

Although this dog trend has amassed lots of applauses from the TikTok community, Happy Dog trend was the one that TikTok users love the most.

This famous TikTok trend involved dog owners, playing ‘Happy Dog” song in the background while recording the reaction of their dogs. Most of the pups have given adorable responses after hearing the ‘Happy Dog’ song. This trend was initially started by a user named as @deejaymo041 in April 2020. It involves Deejay stomping his feet and singing a rhyme as his golden retriever puppy laid on the ground dancing in love of his owner. This video became immensely popular on TikTok thus paving path for our most favorite, ‘Happy Dog’ trend.

Another dog trend that became popular on the video-sharing app was, ‘Gasp at your dog and record their reaction’. This again involved dog owners gasping at their pups while recording their reaction.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the viral Bark At Your Dog video trend from TikTok. Hopefully, you have got all the details about this endearing pet trend.

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