Eve Culling TikTok — Here’s Everything You Need To Know

A TikTok user named Eve Culling is making rounds on the video-sharing app for her quality content. This video creator has addressed the issue ‘mental health’ which is considered a stigma even in this advanced world. Eve has tried to create awareness about mental health issues following her life experiences. Here is more about this popular content creator.

TikTok is mainly known for its videos based on dance challenges and funny snippets, but there are also some users who share their experiences and exposures to create awareness among audience.

One of recent viral users, Eve Culling has amassed the entire limelight following her video featuring her hardships. Based on her experiences, Eve is trying to create awareness about mental health issues. Although she has shared just few videos, TikTok users have given an overwhelming response. Here is more about Eve Culling’s journey.

Who Is Eve Culling On TikTok?

Who Is Eve Culling On TikTok

Eve Culling is a young content creator from TikTok. This 20-year-old content creator has gone viral on the internet for spelling out about her mental health, addiction and sexual abuse experience.

So far, Eve has shared only 6 videos on her TikTok handle, but all of her videos have accumulated millions of views. The reason behind sudden popularity of this content creator is her strong message about the topics that people don’t feel comfortable sharing.

In the very first video uploaded on her TikTok handle, Eve has talked about her journey through recovery. She also discussed about the situations that compelled her to start using drugs.

Eve has shared a detailed journey of her life by sharing her pictures from each phase. From pictures detailing her recovery phase to the final stage when she got out of this entire situation, Eve has shared every single detail in her viral videos.

In one of a recent video, Eve has opened up about being sexually abused at a very young age. Eve claimed that she was just 13 when she was sexually assaulted by a stranger while she was on a family trip. This incident made her mental health vulnerable and she turned to drugs to deal with it.

While concluding this video, Eve stated that she was seeking help to recover and to deal with her mental health. She encouraged everyone suffering from mental health issues to seek help, because it isn’t possible to fight this war alone.

Eve Culling TikTok Videos

Image Of Eve Culling TikTok Videos

As soon as Eve has uploaded her videos expressing her journey, millions of people have rushed towards her TikTok handle. Millions of users have thanked her for sharing her inspirational story, while others have applauded her for her courage. People have also extended their support for Eve after listening to her heart wrenching story.

Here are some of the reactions given by TikTok users in the comment section of Eve’s videos.

One person wrote, “There are so many girls and woman that will benefit from hearing this. Trauma isn’t a one trick pony. It can manifest in many different ways.”

Another added, “Thank you for sharing. You are giving hope to a lot of women who need someone to relate to. stay cool.”

“I’m sorry all of this happened to you. I’m happy you’ve got 3 years of sobriety! That’s not an easy success!” said another.

Eve’s story is truly inspirational and she is an icon for people who are struggling with drug and mental health issues. What is important for these people is, to seek help because it is the only way they can win this war against drug addiction and mental issues.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the inspiring story of Eve from TikTok. If you haven’t checked Eve’s TikTok handle, you are missing something really worthy.

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