Body Ody Challenge — Viral On TikTok

As an another day passed, TikTok users have taken up the internet with Body Ody Challenge. Are you wondering to know what this challenge is all about? Well, you are on the right address. Keep scrolling and learn to excel the Body Ody Challenge on TikTok.

Megan Thee Stallion has released her new song and it has gone viral with some amazing dance steps on TikTok. Body Ody song is part of Megan’s album Good News, released on 20th of November this year.

On Sunday 22nd November, Megan performed her new song live on the stage of American Music Awards. Since then this dance trend has gone viral among her fans.

What Is Body Ody Challenge

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It is just another addition to the TikTok dance trends which is all about body positivity. The dance steps followed in this trend are being inspired by Megan’s live performance. Fans have tried to copy her moves and its fun to watch.

This challenge has striking resemblance with the WAP challenge that went viral earlier this year. But you will notice that the dance moves applied in this challenge are far easier than the previous one.

The challenge became more famous when a Starbucks employee did the challenge from a Drive-thru window while dealing the customers.

How To Do Body Ody Challenge

Doing the challenge is as simple as a piece of cake. All you have to do is open your TikTok account, import the sound track from any of the video saying #BodyOdyChallenge. Once you get the background music, start copying the dance moves and upload the video using Hashtag Bodyodychallenge.

The #Bodyodychallenge done by Megan has already reached more than 17 million views on TikTok.

Here is a video compilation of Body Ody Dance from TikTok

Body Ody Song Lyrics

To all readers searching for the Body Ody song lyrics, here you go.

Body crazy, curvy, wavy, big titties, lil’ waist (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Body crazy, curvy, wavy, big titties, lil’ waist (Mwah)

Look at how I bodied that, ate it up and gave it back (Ugh)
Yeah, you look good, but they still wanna know where Megan at (Where Megan at?)
Saucy like a barbecue but you won’t get your baby back
See me in that dress and he feel like he almost tasted that (Ah, ah, ah)
Num, num, num, num, eat it up, foreplay, okay, three, two, one
You know I’m the hottest, you ain’t ever gotta heat me up
I’m present when I’m absent, speakin’ when I’m not there
All them bitches scary cats, I call ’em Carole Baskins, ah

Body-ody- (Repeat)

I’m a hot ebony, they gon’ click it if it’s me (If it’s me)
All my bitches been gettin’ these niggas through the quarantine (Yeah)
Bitch, I’m very well, on my shit as you could tell
Any ho got beef from years ago is beefing by herself, ah, ah
If we took a trip on the real creep tip (Yeah)
Bitch, rule number one is don’t repeat that shit (Don’t repeat that shit)
Rule number two, if they all came with you
They better know exactly what the fuck they came to do (Yeah, yeah, yeah, woah, woah)

Body-ody- (Repeat)

The category is body, look at the way it’s sittin’ (Yeah)
That ratio so out of control, that waist, that ass, them titties (That waist, that ass, them titties)
If I wasn’t me and I would’ve see myself, I would have bought me a drink (Hey)
Took me home, did me long, ate it with the panties on (Ugh, ugh, ugh)
I could build a house with all the brick I got (Yeah)
Bitches spend a lifetime tryna get this hot (Tryna get this hot)
And if her head too big, I could make that pop
I’m not the one to play with like a touch-me-not, ah

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Final Remarks

We believe that after reading this article you have got answers to all your confusions. Let us know with your comments if this piece of writing was helpful or not. Further, we hope that this challenge will bring some positive vibes in your lives.

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