Brown Noise Sound TikTok — The Viral Sound

TikTok users are going crazy about the trending brown noise sound and it has gone viral on the discover page. If you are wondering to know what this trending brown noise sound is, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know.

TikTok is known for its challenges, dance videos, and background tracks. Having billions of active users, the videos don’t take long to go viral. The same applies to the soundtracks on the app. The background tracks of TikTok are considered to be the soul of the videos and sometimes these background tracks are what make the videos go viral.

However, this time a sound on TikTok itself is going viral and people with ADHD especially are talking about it. If you have missed anything about the brown noise sound from TikTok, here we have broken down everything. Keep reading and get informed about TikTok’s current viral sound ‘Brown Noise’.

What Is The Viral Brown Noise Sound On TikTok?

Image Of What Is The Viral Brown Noise Sound On TikTok

The viral Pure Brown Noise by Power of Noise is making headlines on the video-sharing app. Although it is just being shared on the app and it has boasted over a thousand videos as of now.

The TikTok users who have come across this sound have claimed that the sound has helped them relax.

TikTok users with ADHD have also come forward to claim that the sound really has helped them improve their thoughts and focus. However, there is not any scientific proof that backs this fact.

Nonetheless, TikTok users are sharing this sound with their friends and are asking them to try it out to feel good. They have also suggested their followers listen to this TikTok sound in order to clear their negative thoughts.

According to some blogs, this sound is differentiated in different colors. You will get to listen to three variations of this sound and the variations are identified as brown, white, and pink.

Brown Noise TikTok

Image Of Brown Noise TikTok

The white sound also has some variations: you can find them as low frequency, mid-range, and high-frequency. You can consider this as the sound of a waterfall that falls at different speed and create different sounds.

As compared to the white sound, the pink one is a bit louder at low frequency and softer at the high end. This sound can be referred to as the sound of light to medium rainfall.

The last, brown noise is deeper and stronger at the low end. This is compared to the sound of the surf, that comes after the storm.

The popular health blog ‘Healthline’ also agreed with the thought that, this sound helps help those who are having ADHD. However, there is no information about whether brown noise is better than several other sounds that cater to the same purpose.

Nonetheless, the outlet has shared the details about how listening to this music can increase dopamine. Due to increased dopamine, people having ADHD start feeling good. People with ADHD normally have low dopamine and by simply listening to this viral TikTok sound, such people can increase their Dopamine.

One user on TikTok who tried to listen to this trendy sound wrote: ‘Apparently this is brown noise and my undiagnosed ADHD brain has never felt so at peace. It sounds like driving home as a kid at night and falling asleep in the backseat”.

Several other users have talked about the sound and have agreed to the claims that several other users made.

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The Last Words

This was all about the trending Brown Noise Sound from TikTok and how it has helped the users feel better. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for.

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