Powerfit Elite Scam Or Legit? Unbiased Review [June 2022]

A new product ‘Powerfit Elite’ claiming to give you the fittest body is going viral on the internet and users are looking to know if it is a legit product or a scam. If you are among the users eyeing ‘Powerfit Elite’ to get fit, read this unbiased review first.

With technological advancements, the rate of physical activity is declining and people are getting bulky. To address the issues surrounding obesity, several brands are coming up with products and equipment. Although these products are made to help bulky people shed some extra calories, not all the products are safe to use. So, you must dig out about all the products before you waste your energy and resources.

A new weight loss equipment is currently going viral on the internet and it claims to give you guaranteed results. To help you purchase a legit product, here we have provided an unbiased review. Keep reading to find out whether Powerfit Elite is a scam or a legit product. Keep reading!

Is Powerfit Elite Scam?

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Before looking into whether or not Powerfit Elite is a scam, let’s understand what the product is meant for.

According to the information we have found on the Powerfit Elite website, this is a weight loss equipment that helps you shed extra calories. Alongside burning calories, it also helps you improve your energy and to get a perfectly slim and attractive body.

As revealed by the Powerfit Elite website, the quality of this weight loss equipment is exceptional. It is the best equipment to work on your arms, abs, and legs. You can also count on this equipment for massage.

The website further reveals this product as your prefect fitness partner. However, weight loss products must not be used without expert opinion. But before you spend your money on this website, let’s assess the website for its legitimacy.

We have checked this product on the following factors:

  • Product Cost
  • Product Material
  • Brand name
  • Social Media Presence
  • Domain Age
  • Trust Score
  • Customer reviews

Let’s discuss all the above factors in detail.

Is Powerfit Elite Legit?

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1. Product Cost

The cost of the product revealed by the website is $49.99. The price seems perfect for the product but only it works well and fulfills all the claims made on the website.

2. Product Material

The product material is not mentioned online. There also is no detail about the product’s weight. As the product is not described well, it is a negative point.

3. Brand name

PowerFit Elite is the brand that has launched this weight loss equipment. The same brand also sells Percussion Massager which is a genuine product and has a good reputation online.

4. Social Media Presence

The product is available on the major social media platforms including Facebook YouTube. It is a green flag to prove the legitimacy of the product. It also has enough followers on social media platforms.

5. Domain Age

The PowerFit Elite website is developed on 27th November 2019. It means the website is more than two years old. It is again a positive point to back the legitimacy of PowerFit Elite.com.

6. Trust Score

PowerFit Elite has garnered 86% in the trust index. This is again a good score thus the website seems a legit one.

7. Customer reviews

This product has garnered a few positive reviews on the website. However, we were unable to spot any reviews on its social media handles.

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The Last Verdict

Based on the above information, PowerFit Elite seems a legit product. However, it is essential to consult the doctor before using any such equipment.

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