What Is BTS : Who Are The Seven Members?

When BTS toured America, the local media compared their tour with none-other-than the Beatles’ tour almost 50 years ago. That’s huge! But who are these boys? And what makes them so special, so different, as too be so popular in the mainstream?  

BTS is nothing short of a worldwide sensation — adored and abhorred, depending on the person you ask but none-the-less popular. They sing they dance, they receive adoration from their hardcore fans, that’s how it goes.

One more thing that makes them stand out is the way their fans have inundated social media platforms like twitter, with flashing hashtags, cheering their idols. 

If you have noticed, they are everywhere on the internet.  

What is the meaning of BTS, anyway? 

BTS stands for Bang Tan Boys, an acronym for the Korean expression Bangtan Sonyeondan, meaning Bulletproof Boy Scouts. Even if it is a band that is based in an Asian country.

Yet the voices of the band-singers echo in the minds and hearts throughout the width of the world. In recognition of this fact, the BTS announced in 2017 that they’d also be known as Beyond the Scenes.    

Within a decade this boy band has earned itself millions of hardcore followers. What makes them so popular? What separates them from other boy bands of the past and the present?  

Well, when they released their first album, titled ‘2 Cool 4 Skool,’ they took their country by a storm, winning plethora of awards. Then onwards, their popularity spread like a wildfire.

The reason for this was their innovative way of entertaining people, which hinted at their creative uniqueness that didn’t shy away from experimenting with new things. As it goes, luck favors the brave, so does fame.    

Why so Obsessed with BTS, mate? 

There are people who can’t help but obsess about BTS: What they do when they aren’t doing music? Who is going out with whom? What does a BTS member think of his other band partners? Why this obsession, mate?  

Here is an answer, or at least, an attempt at providing one: 

They treat their fans as family. What else does a hopelessly obsessed fan want? 

The combo of music, rap, and dance. A divine combo! Worth obsessing over, right? 

Their lyrics have meaning, deep meaning at that. Once in, there is little chance of getting out of their charm. 

Every single that comes out is connected with a previous music video; this phenomenon is called Bangton Universe. It is a ploy. If you will, that holds the BTS family glued. 

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Members Of The Band  

A cliché alert, folks!  

Every band consists of members and each member has a part to play so the group keeps on rolling. Same with BTS. It has 7 members, each an integrated part of the band.   


His full name is Kim Seok-Jin. He is 24 years of age. Kim is the oldest member of BTS and one of the four vocalists. He is a pure ‘street discovery’ and that is reflected in his character and his voice.  


Kim Nam-Joon is his real name and he is of 23 years. An underground rapist before being thrust to fame; Rap Monster was the first member to be selected for BTS.

He has collaborated with some huge names in the hip-hop industry like Gaeko, Don Mills, Primary, and Wale. One more thing, he does much of the talking for the band when it comes to English interviews. 


His real name is Min Yoon-gi, aged 24. Like Monster he had his moments as an underground rapist before being a part of the BTS. Not just Raping, he has a flair with writing as well and he is a talented songwriter.


J-hope was a part of a street dance team called Neuron before joining BTS. His full name is Hung Ho-Seok. He is as old as Kim. He has impressed millions with his dance abilities and enthusiastic personality.

The stage name reflects the hope and light that he carries within himself. He aims to be a source of hope to people, and he succeeding in this endeavor so far.


His real name is Park Ji-min, as a student, he was one of the top students in modern dance. He 21 years young. Jimin is known for his perfectionistic gusto. With this energy, he is a source of inspiration for the team and beyond.

V comes from a humble background of a family of farmers but he has embraced a career in arts. He is 21 years of ag. He claimed to be a huge an of art and photography, currently, he is giving a shot to an acting career. Way to go!


He is the youngest member of the band. Junkook was just 15 years old when he debuted for BTS and started his high school a year later. He has tried his luck South Korean talent shows and was once the most in-demand singer. He is popular with his dancing skill and a gamer in his leisure time. 

Image of BTS members

Why This Band Hates the Philippines?

With all their charm and amenity, members of BTS, like any other humans are capable of showing irritation and on sometimes even hatred.  

Does BTS hate the Philippines? For starters, BTS has performed twice in Manila and both the times the band has been harassed by the crowds. In instances where they have been manhandled and their photos disrespected. Enough reason to hate, rights? But there has been silence on the part of the band.

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Which country loves BTS the best? 

In the year 2018, a survey revealed that 98 percent of views fetched by their videos come from overseas. Well, then which country loves the BTS the most? It is the Philippines, amazed?

The same country which irritated this band is the place that loves BTS. Maybe, that is the reason why this band has stayed away from speaking against the Filipino fans. 

If you are one of their fans, stay tune to their new albums.

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