Angryreactions TikTok: Why it is Viral?

Indeed, social media platforms are a source of entertainment for all of us in recent times. People post entertaining content on different social media platforms. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Especially TikTok is filled with entertainment material. Angryreactions Tiktok is extensively famous on this social media nowadays. Which is the source of joy for many out there.

TikTok has more than 800 million active users all over the world. So, it is obvious that anything can become famous in no time on TikTok within a limited time. Whether it is a new dance step, warning, mimicry, expression, a slang, or a new song lyric.

People are ready to make it viral to do all this to get more and more likes and views. What is the motive behind doing such activities on TikTok?

The answer is very clear, People make such posts to attract as many as possible followers on their social media accounts. This way they will become famous and will have the status of “Social Media Star”. After getting fame they will be contacted by marketing industries. For the promotion of their products and services through their social media accounts.

And even some get the opportunity to start their acting career. In Pakistan, a TikToker girl named Areeqa Haq who got famous for her song lyrics lips sing has now starred in an Urdu video song. There are many other examples around the world who got famous from social media.

What is Angryreactions TikTok?

It is pretty interesting to know from where this @angryreactions started. Well, a TikTok girl shared a video of decorating a cake while verbally narrating her work. In a video she also says to people, to stop being mean to her cakes and if you do not like my video then move on.

Another TikToker spotted her video and decided to duet. His reaction to the video is very hilarious and amusing for viewers. 


#duet with @bobbysrey that cake is beautiful. #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – sreya

In the duet video, the TikToker is commenting on the cake decorating art of girl and her wordings in a hilarious angry manner while speaking loudly. His facial expression putting some extra humour to the video.

The name of TikToker or @angryreaction guy is Oneya Jhonson, who is 22 years old. The reaction or @angryreactions TikTok video he made, got viral.

As a result, the video of angry reaction TikTok was viewed more than six million times within 20 hours. It was posted on 23rd August 2020, and now it has more than 32 million views. This is a great reward for his @angryreaction TikTok video. 

Who is Oneya Johnson @angryreactions

Oneya Johnson is a TikToker from the United States currently living in Chicago, he is married and he has a kid. He was an ordinary guy but now, his angry reaction to a video got viral on TikTok a few days back and he is a social media star. He has two TikTok accounts where he posts funny reactions to comments and cute videos of kids.

Image of @angryreactions

Before this viral video, he was not that much famous. Now he has attracted more than 1.6 million followers and more than 12.7 million likes just in 3 days.

He also has a YouTube page called Humble King which has only 90 thousand subscribers so for. The content from these accounts shows that he was doing comedic videos for a long time and he is very talented.

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On social media, anything can become viral in no time. Like a video of angry reactions on TikTok got viral. In this pandemic, such contents are rare to see on social media. And, this makes everyone joyful who watches the video.

Hopefully, he will become a comedian in the future and make people laugh as he did through this @angryreaction TikTok video. There is a demand for such talent on social media.

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