Bugs Bunny Challenge — Here Is How To Complete It

Have you seen plenty of hashtags saying Bugs Bunny Challenge lately on TikTok? Want to know what does this challenge means, how it originated and how to complete this adorable challenge? If yes, then you are reading the most related article. Keep reading and get to know all information about the viral TikTok video Bugs Bunny Challenge.

TikTok has proved itself as the leading social media platform for viral trends. Content creators on TikTok come up with unique challenges every day that entertain the TikTok community and also helps the content creators to keep up with their daily content. These challenges also are amazing tools to garner new followers and hearts from the TikTok community.

Most of the challenges revolve around a sound track and these sound tracks become way to connect millions of users and videos. Some previous hit challenges that included sound tracks are Buss It transformation challenge and Sweater weather and many more.

Currently, TikTok users are obsessed with Bugs Bunny Challenge that features a remix of a song called ‘Gucci’ by Russian artists Timati and Egor Kreed. Let’s dig in deep and know more about this bandwagon.

What Is Bugs Bunny Challenge On TikTok

Image Of What Is Bugs Bunny Challenge On TikTok

A new challenge is going viral on TikTok that features a tone of Russian song ‘Bugs Bunny’. With the song playing in background, people are putting their feet behind their head to give an illusion of bunny ears. Some users are even wearing white socks to have a perfect bunny ear illusion.

For this viral challenge, users have selected a remix of song called ‘Gucci’ that was originally released in 2018. But for the Bugs Bunny Challenge, users are using the slowed-down version of song ‘Bugs Bunny’. The users have chosen that part of song where the singer sings “Bugs Bunny,” several times. TikTokers have taken this part of song to completely relate with the challenge.

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How To Do Bugs Bunny Challenge

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To be part of it, firstly you should import the signature sound track for “Bugs Bunny Challenge.” If you have already found the track that’s awesome and if you haven’t found it yet, all you have to do is to tap on the first Bugs Bunny hashtag you encounter. It will lead you to all the videos that are created for this challenge. Tap on any of the videos and import the sound track.

Once you have imported the sound track, grab a pair of white socks and put them on. Now, place a mirror in front of you, preferably a larger one. Then, lie down on your stomach facing the mirror and bend your legs upwards. Place your feet behind your head in a way that they look like bunny ears.

Once you are all set, tap on the record button and move your feet like a bunny moves its ears. Once you are done with recording, apply any filter if you want to. Now, add the hash tag Bugs Bunny Challenge and roll it on your feed.

As of now, thousands of users have taken part in this adorable video trend. This challenge is so popular that almost all the videos following the trend are managing to get millions of likes within few days of posting it.

The biggest reason behind this challenge’s popularity is the catchy Bugs Bunny tune that is used for recording the videos. People are getting attracted to the challenge and hundreds of videos are accumulating under the hash tag Bugs Bunny Challenge.

Last Words

This was all about the viral Bunny Challenge form TikTok. Hope you have got enough information related to this trendy video challenge.

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