Ice Cube Challenge — Just A Bizarre Challenge On TikTok

Are you curious to know about Ice Cube Challenge? Have you heard your female friends talking about this challenge on TikTok? Want to know why the challenge is being so much discussed lately? If yes, then you are scrolling through the most related article. Keep reading and get to know all details about this weird challenge form the Chinese video sharing application.

Being the most entertaining application, TikTok is also home to various bizarre video trends. Because of such challenges it is being criticized by people.

TikTok is also known as host to various dangerous challenges including, skull breaking challenge, eating cereal while lying down, dropping a coin between your phone charger and the electricity supply board (It creates a huge blast), using glue to appear your upper lip larger and many other harmful challenges.

In some cases people have even lost their lives just to attempt a bizarre challenge. Due to such wacky challenges TikTok has faced bans in many countries. Today in this post we will talk about the Ice Cube Challenge that became popular among girl TikTokers in the quarantine days.

What Is Ice Cube Challenge

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The Ice Cube Challenge from TikTok is one of the weirdest challenges known so far. To complete the challenge, girls are inserting ice cubes into their intimate areas. Yes you heard it right. Female users were obsessed with the trend and thousands of videos were rolled on TikTok while capturing their annoying expressions.

Before going to detail, we would like to tell you that this is not a challenge you should think of attempting. Though it may sound simple, but it can have some serious consequences on your health. Some gynecologists have even stepped forward to warn all ladies about the consequences of this odd challenge.

So far, the challenge is attempted by thousands of girls. They are filming themselves (waist up) inserting ice cubes into their nether-regions. After inserting the ice cubes, they are giving some wild expressions and that’s something odd to discuss here.

How To Do Ice Cube Challenge

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Before articulating about how this challenge can be attempted, we would again request you to avoid such abnormal challenges. They can have serious health issues and you may also end up hurting yourself.

To complete the challenge, firstly you have to get the background track that almost every video with hashtag ‘#icecubechallenge’ contains. If you have found the audio, now you will need to grab some ice cubes. Then, tap on the record button and film yourself while inserting the ice cube into your vagina. You also have to record your expressions and now you have completed the challenge.

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Ice Cube Challenge TikTok

The Ice Cube Challenge TikTok is quite dangerous. Many health professionals have shared video warning the audience about the consequences of this bizarre trend. A gynecologist from Oregon has created a video, telling about potential risks attached to the challenge.

She says, whatever benefits people are attaching to this challenge (effective against vaginal infections, tightening of vagina) are mere speculations and these are untrue. She also asks the users to think before doing such crazy stuff.

Lincoln has further told the “BuzzFeed” that, “The concern is you think of that kid in A Christmas Story who stuck his tongue to the flagpole,” she further added,”It can stick to the delicate skin of the vagina. It can cause an ice burn and it can cause injury.”

Another gynecologist from Florida has also discussed the technical issues associated with the challenge. She explains that the PH level of water is 7, while PH level of vagina is 4. So, this imbalance can potentially lead you to infections.

Bottom Line

At the end of this post, we would request all readers to consider potential risks attached to the TikTok challenges before attempting them.

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