Burgundy Sauce Backwards – What Does It Mean?

Another racial trend is making rounds on TikTok and Twitter. This trend asks the users to listen Burgundy Sauce Backwards. Are you wondering to know what does it mean? Here is all you need to know.

TikTok is home to millions of trends and challenges. Some challenges are quite entertaining while a considerable number of challenges come up with sick content. Though most TikTok users do not favor such dark/negative challenges, such challenges still exist on this video-sharing application.

Currently, a new trend has hopped on the Chinese video-sharing platform that asks users to ‘say burgundy sauce backward’. Not knowing the consequences, millions of users have participated in the trend and now most of them are regretting it.

Twitter and TikTok users are requesting other internet users not to take part in this challenge. Here is what it actually means.

What Is Burgundy Sauce Backwards

Image Of What Is Burgundy Sauce Backwards

“Burgundy Sauce Backwards” is a new trend that is flaunting on various social media platforms currently.  The challenge asks the users to record their voice saying “Burgundy Sauce Backwards” and reverse the sound later on. To complete the challenge you are supposed to use a digital voice reverser. Some people are also suggesting Snapchat’s reverse feature to get this done.

Upon reversing “Burgundy Sauce” it becomes a racial slur. So, “Burgundy Sauce Backwards” is a sick meme that has overwhelmed the social media platforms in this past week. After knowing the real meaning of this sick meme, users are campaigning to cancel this trend.

Hundreds of videos under the hashtag #BurgundySauce are flaunting on the Foryou page of TikTok. Though most of the users are urging others not to fall prey to this sick trend, still thousands of others are considering it a normal joke.

Burgundy Sauce Reverse

Many ill minded people are pranking their friends and asking them to send video saying “Burgundy Sauce” so that they will reverse the videos later. This will enable them to have the videos of their friends saying the racial slur.

Though the “Burgundy Sauce” trend existed for so long on the internet and its meaning was also obvious to most of the users, still, many of us are falling into this sick racial joke. After trying the trend most of the social media users are regretting it.

They are requesting others to stay away from this trend. One user named on Twitter @redd_underscore claims that it was the worst mistake of his life. Here is what he posted on Twitter, “GUYS DON’T SAY “BURGUNDY SAUCE” BACKWARDS. WORST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE.”

What Does Burgundy Sauce Mean Backwards

Hundreds of videos are being made to cancel the trend and most of the users can be heard warning their fellow social media users. One person on TikTok made a video just to warn his followers about the trend he said, “Whatever you do, do not say ‘burgundy sauce’ and reverse it. I’ve warned you.” The caption of this video reads, “Listen to me or learn the hard way.”

A Twitter user named @dion tweeted, “yo whatever you do, don’t record yourself saying ‘burgundy sauce’ and then reverse it”. Seeing all these reactions from the social media users, we can conclude that most of the users are not in favor of this sick joke.

In order to cancel this joke completely, users should not interact with videos related to this trend. The only way to remove it from the internet is not to entertain this joke in any way.

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Bottom Line

If you have read this article before participating in this trend then you are lucky enough. And if you have already taken part in this viral trend, then we would suggest you to remove the video from all platforms.

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