Cartoon Challenge Fb — Here’s How To Nail The Trend

Following the famous Bitmojis from Snapchat, FB users have rolled a new Cartoon Challenge that introduces the users with their personalized cartoon avatars. If you haven’t created your FB avatar till now, here is how to get one.

While scrolling through your news feed, you might have stumbled across the Cartoon Challenge on Fb. People have started replacing the tired emojis with these Facebook’s Bitmoji version known as Fb Avatar or cartoon. If you think you have to be tech-savvy in order to design your own avatar then you are making a mistake. These are so easy to create that you can come up with your cartoon version with few taps.

Once created, you can use these avatars to create custom stickers expressing a variety of emotions. These are the best way to come out of the old tradition of emojis.

If you want to create a classy avatar for yourself then here are some methods you can consider.

What Is Cartoon Challenge On Facebook

Challenge On Facebook asks the users to come up with their cartoon version. These cartoons are mainly being referred as Avatars by the users. The avatars are being rolled by Facebook as an answer to the famous Bitmojis of Snapchat. These avatars help you to witness yourself as a cartoon.

As the avatars have already become viral on the app, FB users are using them to come up with their customized stickers. Having pre-formulated reactions, avatars can now express a range of emotions including laughing, crying, and some other common emotions.

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How To Do Cartoon Challenge On Fb

Image Of How To Do Cartoon Challenge On Fb

There are two ways to participate in the Cartoon Challenge On Fb.

  • Facebook Avatars
  • Facebook Cartoons

Let’s explore how each of these cartoon characters can be created.

1. Facebook Avatar

  • The basic requirement to come up with your avatar is a Facebook account. If you already have a registered user of Facebook then you can start right away but if you don’t have a Facebook account yet, then get it downloaded from the app store.
  • Once installed and registered on Facebook, open the Facebook menu by tapping on three lines that represent the menu options.
  • As you land on the app menu, you will get exposed to some options along with a “See More” option at the bottom. Tap on this option and you will see the ‘Avatars’ option’.
  • Tap on the Avatar option and start creating your avatar.
  • You can come up with your cartoon version in few moments after following the instructions provided on the screen.
  • Preferably, start with the avatar’s skin tone, then move onto the hairstyle selection. Likewise, you can select the nose, eyes, mouth, and body physique according to your personality.
  • In the end, you can select any of the clothing styles to complete with the final look.

Cartoon Challenge App

Image Of Cartoon Challenge App

The second way to create your cartoon version is to use some third party applications. Here is the step-by-step explanation.

  • Firstly, install the “Toon App” from Playstore.
  • Once installed, open the app and select any of your pictures from your gallery.
  • After uploading the picture, hit the enter button and wait for the picture to be converted into a cartoon.
  • Save the picture to your gallery.
  • Next, install the PicsArt app from Playstore.
  • Now, select background wallpaper and photos. You can download these from the internet.
  • Open the image you have downloaded, and place it in the right zone.
  • Open your gallery and insert the cartoon face saved previously.
  • Select and crop the face from your cartoon image.
  • Once done, adjust it according to your physique.
  • Add some filters on it and your Cartoon is ready.

Bottom Line

Seeing the popularity of Facebook avatars and cartoons, users are assuming that these can be used in Facebook-owned services in the near future, but this isn’t confirmed by Facebook yet. Let’s wait and see how Facebook deals with this feature in the future.

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