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Seen so many posts lately on your Facebook timeline saying 5 Looks Challenge? Want to know more about it? Here’s an explanation to all your questions.

As so many trends are flaunting on social media these days, Facebook users are no way behind. Facebook users these days are challenging their friends and families using different Hashtags. The most trending challenge that can be seen currently is 5 Looks Challenge and Facebook users have taken it so far with their creative ideas.

The challenge basically is to share 5 of your pictures having different looks, in a single post. So many people have accepted this challenge and rest of them are getting entertained by the pictures shared by their friends and family.

Many celebrities have also joined the challenge. They are using this challenge as a promotion tool for their upcoming albums and movies. While fans are loving these amazing pictures shared by their favorite celebrities.

 What Is 5 Looks Challenge?

Image Of What Is 5 Looks Challenge?

Among all the Facebook trends, the most recent challenge that is talking over all of your Facebook timeline surely, would be the 5 look Challenge. This challenge asks the users to share 5 looks. Some people have joined it by sharing their favorite snaps, while the others are busy with sharing funny stuff under the umbrella of #5lookChallenge.

People also have shared their snaps which show their transformation over years using the #5lookchallenge. Many Facebook users have shared pictures of their pets, houses, food and many other things, just to be part of this challenge.

The Facebook users have shared the 5 looks of their houses as well. From these snaps one can depict how their houses transformed over time.

The challenge has also enabled the Facebook users to share their life journey by sharing their pictures from childhood till now. Many people are getting annoyed by seeing their timeline filled by this single challenge.

Some have criticized the challenge over twitter. According to them people are not following this challenge properly as they are just sharing 5 different pictures. The challenge is to show different looks using, different cloths, makeup and even wearing wigs.

5 Looks Challenge Meme

Image Of 5 Looks Challenge Meme

5 looks challenge has been taken so far by the Facebook users with their creativity. Memers are up with some hilarious posts using the 5 Looks Challenge. You might have seen so many memes using this hashtag. Many memers have tried to copy girls by sharing different snaps of their 5 different looks, using face filters to change their gender and it has turned out to be hilarious.

Different beauty filters are being used to create funny looks by so many users. They have also shared video clips, (containing humorous content) instead of pictures to be part of this challenge.

People are also pouring funny videos and images on their Facebook feed to show their mini version to the Facebook family. They are sharing their funny moments which is quite entertaining.

Foodies also have not sat behind for this challenge. Many people have shared pictures of their food showing its 5 different angles and that’s so tempting.

As the Halloween season is here, people also have shared their spooky snaps wearing makeup and costumes for Halloween. The challenge has attracted thousands of people so far and counting.

Besides the memes, people also have shared their struggles using the 5 looks Challenge and have told their friends what they have been through. One of a Facebook user shared her transformation story saying how she struggled against a disease and how her looks have changed over time.

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Summing up the article with the words that, we need more positive trends like these on social media to have positive vibes all around. The challenges like 5 Looks Challenge, are enabling the users to have fun time and to know more about their families and friends.

Let us know with your comments whether you have joined this challenge or not.

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