Cause Of Death Filter — Find The Reason You Will Die Of

Snapchat has never disappointed us in terms of entertainment. This time Cause Of Death Filter by Snapchat is taking over the internet. Want to know how to get this filter? Continue the read!

With its unending variety of filters, Snapchat has kicked all other applications out of the filter race. From introducing the doggy filter to its cartoon filters, every single filter is loved and being praised by the Snapchat users.

This time it has come up with a filter that claims to predict the future and tells you the reason behind your death. Though it sounds weird but it is so much fun to play. Every single time you apply the filter on your face, it will come up a new, funny reason of your death. Let’s discuss it thoroughly to know more information about the filter.

What Is Cause Of Death Filter On Snapchat

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Snapchat is here with a new Cause Of Death Filter that has created buzz over internet. This filter claims to predict the reason of your death. Though the weird reasons displayed by the filter might not be correct but they will surely make you smile. This filter is spreading smiles among the Snapchat community with some of dumbest reasons including “listened to 6ix9ine once”, “pooped pants” and “crushed by a cow”.

The only purpose of this Snapchat filter is fun and people are enjoying using it. Similar type of quizzes and filters have also flaunted lately on other social media sites including Facebook. This quiz helped the people know the year and reason of death. The quizzes became popular among the Facebook users as well.

If you are a person with morbid thoughts then this filter is made for you. You should give it a try once. Obviously the filter will not predict the exact cause but the results are definitely just meant as memes.

How To Get Cause Of Death Filter On Snapchat

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To get the filter, follow the below steps,

Open your Snapchat account and check if your account is updated to its latest version or not. If it is not up-to-date then update the application once so that you can get access to all brand new filters. After getting it updated, tap on the camera button and go to the filters sections by tapping on the smiley face right next to the camera button.

Now, click on the tab that says “Explore” located in the bottom right-hand corner. Once you get there, type “cause of death” in the search bar and then hit enter. Once the search is complete, you will get to see a filter created by Nicholas Dominici.

Add the filter to your favorite filters list so that you can access it anytime you want. Now, open the filter and apply it on your face, it will come up with a graveyard stone’s structured box that will show a funny text. As mentioned earlier the death reason will be something comic.

Many users have shared the funny Cause Of Death Filter’s responses on their other social media accounts. Some of the responses that users have received include “seeing a furry,” “coffee,” and “a– too fat”

Similar type of filter is available on Instagram as well. Two content creators have come with the same idea for the Instagram users. If you are an Instagram user then you may get the filter How Will You Die?” – one by @j.lo_roq and the other by @chloeejacobs.

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Final Remarks

This was all about the Cause Of Death Filter presented by Snapchat. Hope the article has given you all available information related to this viral filter. You can follow us to know about all the trending filters on Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok.

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