Crop Meaning On TikTok — All Possible Meanings Of ‘Crop’

TikTok users have come across yet another secret term ‘Crop’ on the video-sharing app and they are unable to understand its meaning. If you are among these users looking for the meaning of Crop on TikTok, here we have provided every possible meaning of TikTok slang Crop.

Ever since TikTok has joined the internet we have come across thousands of slang terms and acronyms. Although these shorthands help us keep our conversations easy and private, they are great trouble for users who are new to the platform.

Such slang terms are mainly created by Gen Z and they have created a whole new dictionary of acronyms so far. A recent addition to the long long list of these TikTok acronyms is ‘Crop’.

If you are an avid user of TikTok you might have come across this term ‘Crop’ in the comment section under several videos. But what does ‘Crop’ actually mean on TikTok? Here we have provided all possible meanings of this trendy secret term.

What Is The Meaning Of Crop On TikTok?

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The meaning of the word ‘Crop’ may vary depending on the context and social media platform it is being used on. Well, it definitely doesn’t mean the one that is grown in the field. The meaning of ‘Crop’ also is beyond cropping or in other words cutting a picture.

If someone comments or DMs you about a video or a photograph it means they need the original video. To provide them a cropped video or image, what would you be required to do is, erase all the additions (emojis, text) you have made and send them the original raw version of the video.

Unable to understand its meaning, several users have taken it to Reddit and other social platforms. While revealing the meaning of ‘Crop’ some informed users have provided the following information on Reddit:

One user answered, “It means that they want you to post the meme w/o anything obstructing it so they can screenshot it — I think lol”.

Another wrote, “Yeah I was having this same thing, they want you to post the video scaled down so they can screenshot it. Just upload the image to like, imagebb, or some other site and give them the link, that’s what I’ve been doing. No sense posting a worse version of your TikTok + them screenshotting that crunchy image”.

TikTok Slang ‘Crop’ Meaning On TikTok

Image Of TikTok Slang ‘Crop’ Meaning On TikTok

The meaning of Crop on TikTok is quite simple; if someone is saying ‘Need Crop’ you just have to send the original video/photo that the person is referring to.

Besides this, there also might be several other meanings to Crop. In some places, people might be talking about banned crops like Marijuana. Instead of revealing the name ‘Marijuana’ people often use the term ‘Crop’.

Here is an example of how people have used ‘Crop’ to refer to Marijuana.

“A privately owned marijuana garden.
The authorities want to burn my crops down.”

Some other definitions of ‘Crop’ provided by the Urban Dictionary are as follow:

“cropped (past tense verb) — to crop someone from a photograph; can also be used in the present tense: when one has a photograph that is an unusually good picture of one, but, unfortunately, also includes someone else that is either ugly; someone that one does not like; or, in the case of using the picture for myspace/Facebook profile picture purposes, simply in the way

Look, you’re my friend, but I totally cropped you from that graduation picture — I needed it for my Facebook profile!

If Brittany weren’t in this picture, it would be awesome. I guess I’ll have to crop her ugly-ass face out.

I look awesome in that picture we took at the bar last night, but I’m going to have to crop James from the picture — I can’t stand him anymore!”

“The art of strategically placing one’s body in a photograph as to make that individual look different than they do in real life. This is cropping.

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The Last Words

This was all about the meaning of Crop on TikTok and all possible usages of the term on social media. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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