Ramon Corona Passed Away — Big Loss To Rap Community

Ramon Corona has passed away and the rapper community is shocked. Fans have also expressed their grief and have extended prayers and condolences on Twitter. But when and how did Ramon Corona pass away? We have explored everything about this unfortunate news here in this article.

The popular Chicano rapper and social media star Ramon Corona, also known as Knightowl has passed away this Friday. The sudden demise of this talented artist has left the industry and his fans in awe.

Ramon Corona was described as being “responsible for inspiring helping to inspire a generation of Hispanics to pick up a microphone”. He always believed that he has a role within the music industry.

As reports have confirmed the demise of this popular artist, users are looking to get more details about him.

How Did Ramon Corona Die?

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Ramon Corona was known as the pioneer of Latin Rap. On social media, he was mainly referred to as Mr. Knightowl. He also was among the very few Chicano rap (a subgenre of hip hop that embodies aspects of Southwest Mexican American or Chicano culture) artists.

Alongside English, the artist’s rap songs are mostly recorded in Caló (Chicano) and Spanglish. He was born in Tijuana, Mexico while he took his roots from San Diego, California.

According to his social media handles, the rap star was the Kingpin at Sawed-Off Records and was based in San Diego, California.

The late artist attended San Diego High School while he was young and was a graduate of Southwestern College and San Diego State University.

He has a considerable count of fan following on his social handles. As of now, he has amassed over 4.7k friends on his Facebook account.

Sadly, the creative Chicano rap artist has taken his last breath on Friday, 12th February 2022. He was 62-years-old at the age of passing.

According to the initial reports, the rap star has lost his life to covid-19. However, his family has not come forward to reveal the actual cause of his death.

As soon as fans came to know this unfortunate news, they rushed towards his social handles to check the authenticity of this news.

Did Ramon Corona Really Pass Away?

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The unfortunate news of his passing was confirmed by “Latin Hip Hop & Throwbacks” on their Facebook handle. The post revealed, “We learned the unfortunate news that Latin rap pioneer Mr. Knightowl passed away early this morning from COVID complications. The San Diego legend was responsible for inspiring helping to inspire a generation of Hispanics to pick up a microphone and believe that they had a role in this thing we call Hip-Hop. R.I.P LEGEND he was 62 years old”.

Several artists belonging to the music industry have paid tribute to the star and they have shared their condolences on his Facebook timeline.

Ramon began his career in the year 1993 and rose to fame with his hit tracks “Daddy I’m In Love With a Gangsta” and “Here Comes The Knightowl”.

He was the only gangster rapper to come up with a love song. Ramon also started his own label under the name Sawed Off Records.

His tracks were loved by thousands on Spotify and he had over 84,246 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Spanky Loco, an independent Latin rap music pioneer who was in a feud with Ramon has also come forward to pay respect to the late rap artist.

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The Last Words

This was all about when and how the popular rap artist Ramon Corona has passed away. Fans are remembering Ramon and are sending prayers and condolences on the internet.

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