Charli D’amelio’s Instagram Posts Deleted — But Why?

Fans of Charli D’amelio’s are left baffled after the popular TikTok celebrity has deleted her Instagram posts. But why did Charli D’amelio remove her posts? Let’s explore together.

Charli D’amelio is a popular TikTok celebrity and is known for her perfectly choreographed dance videos. This beauty with brains has garnered over 130.2 million followers on the platform and leads the list of celebrities with the highest following followed by Khaby Lame. Before starting her career as a media personality, Charli D’amelio has kept dancing for over 10 years.

She has amassed over 10.2 billion likes on all her TikTok videos which is quite huge. This TikTok content creator is being followed by millions of users from every corner of the world and her fans also keep an eye on all her small activities.

Just recently, Charli D’amelio’s Instagram posts have been deleted from the platform and fans are wondering to know the reason behind this. If you are among these fans of Charli D’amelio, we have provided all the available information about her Instagram posts.

What Happened To Charli D’amelio’s Instagram Posts?

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Besides being popular on TikTok, Charli D’amelio is quite popular on Instagram as well. She has amassed over 45 million followers on Instagram so far. Charlie is also quite active on Twitter with a family of 5.4 million followers. Even though Charli has joined Twitter in the year 2012, she has amassed just 5 million followers. She has explained the reason behind amassing few followers, in her Twitter bio saying:

‘i’m not good at Twitter but I try my best”.

A lot of Charli’s fans are left concerned after their favorite TikTok star has removed her Instagram posts. As soon as fans realized that Charli’s Instagram was empty, they have flooded Twitter with Tweets asking about the reason.

One of her fans wrote, “Charli, what happened to your Instagram account? There are a lot of rumors on TikTok, and IDK what to believe”.

Another added, “Charli I’m worried what happened to your Instagram??”

“@charlidamelio are you restarting your Instagram??” said another fan.

Another person simply mentioned Charli in their Tweet whilst sharing a screenshot of her Instagram and wrote:


Why Has Charli D’amelio Deleted Her Instagram Posts?

Image Of Why Has Charli D’amelio’s Deleted Her Instagram Posts

Although Charli hasn’t come forward to talk about her Instagram posts, fans have been speculating around since then.

Most of her fans perceive that Charli’s posts are being removed from the platform because she has uploaded a picture of her childhood on her profile. According to Instagram’s guidelines “Accounts that represent someone under the age of 13 must clearly state in the account’s bio that the account is managed by a parent or manager”.  

Thus, according to the fan’s logic, Instagram observed Charli’s profile picture and perceived her to be a minor thus the platform has removed all her posts. However, this logic doesn’t fit well.

Some other users have said that people might have reported her profile considering her latest profile picture thus her posts are being removed.

Nonetheless, Charli has used the same picture as her Twitter profile picture and both her Instagram and Twitter handles are still active.

Some fans have revealed that, right after changing her profile picture, Charli removed some of her posts. Later, her profile was found empty.

Although fans are speculating numerous things, we cannot rely on any of the information unless the social media star herself reveals everything.

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Bottom Line

This was all about how, when and why has Charli D’amelio deleted her Instagram posts.  If you have any further information about why Charli removed her posts, you can let us know in the below comment box.

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