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Twitter users are flooding the platform with Omicron Memes as the new Covid strain has appeared in some countries. People are relating it to Transformer as it sounds quite similar to Transformer names. Here is what people are saying about this new Covid strain.

People all around the world were finally getting back to their normal lives when another distressing Covid variant Omicron, has made its debut in some countries. This variant was first detected in Botswana and is considered to be a troublesome one. WHO also has considered it a matter of concern!

The variant is declared to be more transmissible and has a higher risk of re-infection. Health providers also worry that the Covid vaccines might not be effective against this new variant.

Even though this new strain is a matter of concern, users on social media platforms are unable to control themselves from joking about it. Some users claim that the name it has been given, ‘Omicorn’ is not suitable for a virus, and instead, it sounds like a Transformer.

What Are Omicron Transformer Memes?

Image Of What Are Omicron Transformer Memes

Social media users are joking about the name ‘omicron’ which is the worrying Covid mutation. Users are relating its name to the franchise Transformers, thus they are coming up with hilarious memes.

For people who aren’t aware of what Transformers is, it is a series of American science-fiction films that revolve around the story of two intergalactic races of robots that crash land on Earth.  Some of the names of these transformers include Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream, Grimlock, and Bumblebee.

So, users think the new Covid variant sounds like Transformers and its name is not a good fit for a virus. A Twitter user wrote, “Omicron is a really stupid name for a virus and it sounds like a transformer”.

People on Twitter suggest that Omicron must be the name of the next Transformers villain, so transformer memes are flooding social media platforms. Another Twitter user said, “Omicron Prime is hands down the worst Transformer”.

“Wait a minute, #Omicron isn’t the Transformer robot god?” said another user on Twitter.

Joking about the name of this new Covid variant another user said, “Merry Christmas from Omicron and the rest of his transformers”.

“Is it me or does #Omicron sound like a #Transformers villain?” asked another user.

Omicron Memes Flooding Twitter

Image Of Omicron Memes Flooding Twitter

Some users have simply started suggesting names for the upcoming Transformers series. One user wrote, “Omicron… Transformers… Robots in disguise”. Well, this movie name sounds interesting.

Several other social media users have found the name a magical object. A user said, “Omicron sounds like some magical object the Transformers would be trying to protect”.

Twitter users are searching for the person who has named this variant. Like, who chose this variant name? It’s so fancy and is surely a lost Transformer that is being revived from Botswana.

Some users think they have heard this name earlier in the Transformers series. One user wrote, “Wasn’t #Omicron in the transformers?”

Here are some more hilarious memes rolled by the internet users.

One user said, “I thought Omicron was a new Transformers movie, not the new covid variant”.

“Transformers: The Rise of Omicron #coronavirus Level 1 #FamilyMeeting”, wrote another.

“Didn’t Orson Welles voice Omicron in Transformers the Movie?” inquired another.

Well, the reason why most internet users are feeling like Omicron being part of Transformers is “Unicron”, which was a Transformer.

This Transformer was a supervillain who is the eternal arch-enemy of his twin brother Primus. This Transformer is also known as Lord of Chaos, the Chaos Bringer, and the Planet Eater.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the hilarious memes of Omicron that are flooding the bird app Twitter. Hopefully, you have got all the essential details you were looking for.

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