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Following terms like simp’ to ‘cheugy’ and ‘FYP’ to ‘heather’ users on TikTok are now obsessed with another term they call “Cullen”. If you are looking for the meaning of this viral term “Cullen” from TikTok, you are scrolling through the most relevant post. Stay tuned and learn what Cullen actually means on TikTok.

If you are an avid user of TikTok, you must have come across hundreds of slang terms that are not easy to understand. Though these slang terms are quite easy to comprehend for old users but, new users might not get the real meaning behind these.

Considering such slang terms, it won’t be wrong to say that TikTok users have created their own lingo. In most of the videos and comments, you must have seen acronyms and slang terms that are difficult to understand but avid TikTok users have excelled them all.

Presently, a new term “Cullen” has made its place on TikTok but the majority of users are unaware of its meaning. Let’s find out what this popular word means.

What Is the Meaning of “Cullen” On TikTok?

Image Of What Is the Meaning of “Cullen” On TikTok

Cullen is the latest viral term that has confused everyone on the app. Some users consider it as a slang term but in reality, it is not. Cullen actually relates to a very famous film.

The new trend that has recently emerged on the app sees people using an effect that’s been dubbed the Cullen Filter. Before testing it out on themselves, users are claiming “This photo shows what you look like as a Cullen”.

This filter is actually known as ‘Dazzling Look’ on TikTok. Once applied it sharpens and blurs the image and makes you look a little bit like a cartoon character. Once you get the final result, it resembles the faces of a fictional vampire family in The Twilight Saga named “Cullens”. Well, you must be able to relate to the word “Cullen” now? If not proceed to the next paragraph for further explanation.

Cullen Filter TikTok

Image Of Cullen Filter TikTok

The word “Cullen” has become famous after a series of five vampire-romance teenage fantasy films. These films are based on novels written by author Stephenie Meyer. In the novels, “Cullens” are described as a family of vampires that later became one of the most popular fictional vampire family.

In the series of The Twilight Saga, the family of “Cullens” consisted of Edward, Carlisle, Alice, Esme, Alice, and Emmett, who are all vampires.

The most famous “Cullen” is Edward played by the popular actor Robert Pattinson. The whole Twilight Saga series revolves around the love story of Edward and Bella. As Edward goes to attend High School he falls in love with Bella played by Kristen Stewart.

People on TikTok are relating to this famous vampire series, as the popular filter ‘Dazzling Look’ makes them look like Vampires.

If you haven’t tried this filter so far, here is how to get it on TikTok.

  • Launch your TikTok app and tap on the “Discover Bar”.
  • In the search bar type, ‘Cullen filter’ and hit enter.
  • You will get plenty of results, among those look for a user who have used this filter.
  • The filter will be an orange box that says ‘dazzling look’.
  • Tap on it once you get it and select the “Try this effect” option.
  • Face the camera and witness the magic.
  • You can also look for this filter in the trending section of filters gallery.

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Last Words

This was the actual meaning of “Cullen” and its relevance with the famous vampire-romance series. Hopefully, you have now got the meaning behind this viral term.

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