Healthy_Punk TikTok — Viral User With Minimalist Home

A TikTok user Healthy_Punk is going viral on the video-sharing app for rolling out a video showcasing their simple home décor. The video is viewed by millions of users and it is flaunting across the Foryou page. Here is more about the TikTok user Healthy_Punk and her décor ideas.

Being home to millions of users, you will come across a variety of content on the app. From fashion ideas to the latest track and from makeup hacks to home décor ideas, you will find every sort of content. All you need to do is, follow the accounts which share content grounded on your interests.

If you love playing with the interior décor of your house, we are introducing you to a popular personality who has recently blown up online after showcasing her minimalist home. The audience has gone crazy and the video is receiving crazy reactions. Here is more about the video and the video creator.

Who Is Healthy_Punk On TikTok

Image Of Who Is Healthy_Punk On TikTok

Healthy_Punk is a content creator who has recently gone viral for sharing her home décor. In the video shared on 3rd September 2021, @healthy_punk showcased her unique home that is designed very simply but it looks really amazing.

Healthy_Punk aka Nora has explained how their unique living style encourages people to think out the box. @Nora further wrote in the caption, “Encouraging everyone to think outside the box and make your home YOURS. Use and place things in unexpected ways!”

Before showcasing their entire home, Nora explained to her fans that both she and her partner are very much ‘floor people’ hence they have designed their home in a certain manner.

Considering their love for sitting on the floor, they have replaced couches with floor cushions. They have further replaced the bookcases by simply stacking up the books on the floor. You won’t also be able to spot any bed frame or mattress in their room.

The living place is simply decorated without any furniture. They don’t have any chairs or tables and so on. The house is so minimalistic yet it looks amazing. So, the video has become immensely popular on the video-sharing app. Users have given crazy reactions to these home décor ideas. The majority of users have loved their simple yet attractive interior but there are some who have joked about it.

Healthy_Punk Home Décor

Image Of Healthy_Punk Home Décor

The Healthy_Punk’s home décor video has amassed millions of views in just a few hours. As of now, it has earned over 1.2 million views alongside more than 200,000 likes, and the comment section is filled with words of amusement.

Here is how their followers have reacted to the viral video:

A user named @little_knit jokingly wrote, “me after furniture kills my family”.

@hinapancakez has an opinion that the video is a joke. He wrote, “HAHA this is 100% a parody of those extreme minimalist YouTubers”.

Some users simply believe that Nora was unable to afford furniture and other home stuff hence she has designed her home this way. @ryangoeswest jokingly addressed Nora saying, “Just say you’re not in a place to buy furniture”.

Another user named @wormwan explained the real purpose of this video in a comment which is now pinned by Nora. The comment reads, “It seems ppl are really missing the point of this. this is what works for them, and they encourage you to find what works for YOU, without judgment.”

After the video has gone viral, Nora has reached a milestone by amassing 100,000 followers. She has also gained 2 million likes on her entire videos.

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Last Words

This was all about Healthy_Punk from TikTok and her minimalistic home décor approach. Hopefully, you have got all the information you needed to know.

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