Does Rihanna Have An Instagram Account? Explored

Just recently Rihanna is being spotted in New York flaunting a baby bump. Following the viral pictures of Rihanna, fans are wondering if she has an Instagram account. So, does Rihanna Have an Instagram Account? Yes, she has and here we have got you all the details about it.

Rihanna is among the most popular singers followed by millions of people from all around the world. Following some recent pictures, fans are trying to figure out whether or not she is pregnant. In the trending pictures, she was seen wearing a long pink coat gracefully flaunting her baby bump that was half-covered with jewels.

Her boyfriend ASAP Rocky was also spotted standing next to her, holding her hand. The couple also kissed in front of the paparazzi signifying the couple is expecting their first child.

Rihanna’s Instagram Handle

Image Of Rihannas’s Instagram Handle

As the pictures of Rihanna with a baby bump have gone viral, fans are looking to access her social media handles in order to confirm the news. They are wondering whether or not does Rihanna have an Instagram account.

Well, yes Rihanna has an Instagram account but you might not be able to spot her under the username ‘Rihanna”. Her Instagram handle goes as @BadGirlRiri, where she has amassed over 120 million followers.

Unable to spot her on Instagram, several fans have taken it to Twitter to inquire about the case. Trying to figure out if she has an Instagram handle, one user wrote, “Does @rihanna have Instagram?”

Talking about how difficult it is for her fans to find her on Insta, one of her fans wrote, “@rihanna I’m gonna need you to change your Instagram handle to Rihanna”.

One user who was aware of Rihanna’s Instagram handle wrote, “Riri’s Instagram handle and ‘name’ is badgalriri and not Rihanna so…new people searching for it might not be able to find it.”

Although not so many of her fans are aware of her Instagram handle, Rihanna is quite active on all her social media accounts. On Instagram, she is often seen advertising her cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty and fashion label Savage X Fenty.

Also, her Instagram account encourages her fans to participate in donations and to donate for deserving individuals.

Is Rihanna Pregnant?

Image Of Is Rihanna Pregnant

Following the recent viral pictures of Rihanna, we ascertain that she is pregnant. The popular couple Rihanna and ASAP Rocky are expecting their first child.  However, the celebrity singer hasn’t talked about her pregnancy on any of the social media platforms.

The couple was all smiles when they were spotted in New York. Considering their happy faces and the cute baby bump fans are sure about Rihanna’s pregnancy.

Many of Rihanna’s fans have already taken it to Twitter to express their joy.  One user wrote, “Rihanna is pregnant, This is what the world has been waiting for and she really did this on HER TIME and HER TERMS. I’m so happy for her”.

Another wrote, “My girl is pregnant, I’m so happy for her. I’m wishing her a healthy pregnancy. She’s going to be a great mother. Congrats Rihanna”.

“Rihanna is really gonna be a mommy. I’m so happy for them she looks so beautiful pregnant”, added another.

Fans are overjoyed to learn that their favorite singer is going to become a mommy soon. They are eager to hear this good news from Rihanna herself.

Rihanna’s boyfriend ASAP Rocky also hasn’t responded to the news.

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Last Words

Hopefully, you have found the secret clue to Rihanna’s Instagram and all available information about your favorite star’s pregnancy. Let us know in the below comment box if this article was helpful.

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