Putting Your Dog On Diet Challenge: A Hilarious Challenge On TikTok

Nowadays there are a lot of TikTok challenges popping out on social media. Few of them are for a good cause but most of them make no sense at all. One of the most popular trends among TikTok users is that TikTokers are putting their pets on hilarious TikTok challenges.

Dogs are known to be best friends with humans . No one is in comparison to their loyalty and obedience. No one can ever replace the bond between dog and a man.

What Is Dog Diet Challenge?

The latest challenge getting viral among pets is putting your dog on diet challenge. In this challenge the owner is pretending to put his dog on a diet. Firstly it has only a little amount of food in their bowl and meanwhile capturing the video on the dog’s reaction. 

This challenge is totally hilarious. So, you will definitely enjoy it and can’t stop your laughter when you watch it.

Image Of putting your Dog On Diet challenge

Why Is Dog Most Famous Pet On TikTok?

Although TikTokers use most of their fur babies on TikTot. They have made a lot of fun spreading videos but dogs are the most used pet. 

The connection between human and dog has been long acknowledged as one of the strongest bonds around. Even if at some point, they will inevitably try to steal a sausage off your plate. Here are a few reasons why we think dogs are the best pet ever. 

1. They are incredibly loyal

2. Their positive attitude is infectious 

3. They are good at cuddles

4. They make the owner active 

5. They do their businesses outside

6. They love you back

7. They are always happy when you go home

8. They make you chat to people 

9. They make you laugh

10. They make sure no food ever goes to waste 

It is called a “challenge” but the trickiest part is trying to keep a straight face as you prank your innocent pup. This prank works best on dogs who love mealtimes. It’s very simple. When you go to serve your dog’s food then give them just a few pieces of kibble rather than the full scoop. Make sure to film their reaction because it’s sure to be priceless.

We truly can’t get enough of these videos of dogs looking (momentarily) betrayed. All they want is some kibble and their owner is trying to pretend that just a few pieces of kibble are adequate! How rude! 


Some More Dog Pranks On TikTok

Most famous of all was a TikTok that started from china and went viral globally. That was a challenge to make your dog eat red chilies. It is really sad to harm animals this way

After you’ve pranked your dog by tricking them into thinking they’re being put on a strict diet (and after you’ve won their affections back with a full meal and a bunch of snuggling), there are a few other pranks you can try on your dog those went viral on TikTok.

Next, dog prank involves pretending that your dog is invisible. When they’re in the room with you, stand up and call their name, then pretend that you can see them.

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In a nutshell, dogs are the best for all kinds of reasons. One of those reasons is that they’re excellent sports when you prank them. Though, Many of them are also pretty brilliant, so don’t be too surprised when they learn to prank you right back.

There is no alternative to the care and loyalty dogs show towards their owners. You can make fun on TikTok and other social media apps to make people laugh and have fun. Never try cruel challenges with pets to get fame. Because they get hurt also.

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