Red Cup Challenge: Make Fun With This On Social Media

Social media challenges went more viral when people started to stay home and went into quarantine. These social media usage has risen a lot in the past few weeks and these challenges are a way for the people to interact with their friends and be entertained while they have to stay home. 

Moreover challenges on the internet have gained traction when people have time on their hands to do some creative things.

Many of the most viral challenges in these weeks have centered on relatable quarantine habits.  They seem childish but have grabbed the attention of million users. One of them is where you take a shot, or drink a glass of wine. Then tag 10 of your friend list to do the same.

 Another viral challenge is the one “post what you’re doing right now” challenge which seems, anecdotally, to have taken off among parents. (The challenge is simple: post exactly what you’re doing in the moment, then tag friends to do the same.)

What Is Red Cup Challenge?

The Red cup challenge is one of the top viral social media challenges that has started in July 2020. The challenge is about balancing a red solo cup on your forehead in a standing position, then carefully making your way to the floor.

Next positioning yourself on your back, and raising your legs towards the cup. To win the challenge, you have to grab the cup with your legs and maneuver it onto the ground above your head. Make sure to not drop or tipping it.

These challenges are “based around themes that everyone feels like they can relate to now in some way. Most of the challenges don’t promote negativity but few are a sort of negative behavior too. All they want to do is to spread fun and interact with a global audience.

An Image of red cup challenge

How did Red Cup Challenge Start?

You don’t always need fancy items to do experiments. You can use a lot of items you have around the house which is great to do these..

Famous Tiktoker Jena Frumes posted a video on July 23rd, 2020 with a caption “Have you tried this”. In this video she performed a red cup challenge while balancing red cups on her forehead.

She did the same whatever was instructed in the challenge. 2.1 million People viewed the video 347 likes in just a span of three months. This video inspired a lot more TikTokers to try the challenge.

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What is Saweetie Red Cup Challenge?

The Red Cup Challenge didn’t gain significant traction until October 6th, 2020, when rapper Saweetie posted a video of herself performing it on Instagram. The video gained over 3 million views and 932 thousand likes in a day.

This went so viral that just in one day it garnered remarkable attention from viewers.  Saweetie has added herself to the hype. Many have stormed social media to share their back-breaking attempts and while it’s not an easy feat, Saweetie made it look like child’s play. She has not only did the challenge beautifully but recommended many more social media girls to try.

She nominated Gabunion, Yesimprettyvee, Immdanileigh,Thegirljt and etc.

Following her many more have started to try it. Celebrities are also in this challenge. R&B crooner Monica is the latest celebrity to show off her flexibility skills on social media.

The “Angel of Mine” singer participated too in the “Red Cup Challenge” this week, which consists of people balancing a red plastic cup on their foreheads, moving from a standing position to a sitting one all while balancing the cup, then curling their legs over their head to grasp the cup.


Social media challenges are challenges of just a few minutes but they gained the traction of millions in a few days. These are the best sources to have interaction with global audiences and make new friends. These let you bring your talent out.

The items used in these challenges are so cheap that they are easily available at your home.  Social media users must try it.

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