Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 Spoilers And Release Date

The upcoming Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 spoilers will reveal whether Goku will able to achieve ultra-instinct. In the previous chapter 63 Merus has gone ahead and sacrificed himself in the course of saving the universe and buying time for Goku to achieve ultra-instinct. Dragan Ball Super chapter 64 will be pretty interesting for the viewers.

Image of Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 64

As the rules of Angles are unreserved, they will retain biasness and will take no one’s side in the battle. So it is obvious that angles’ actions must not be unfair to the good doer and bad doer. So Merus has signed his death sentence by taking the side of the earth in the fight against Moro.

In the last chapter, Merus has disappeared and the last panel sees Goku very angry and ready to attack. According to Meru, Goku is just near to achieve ultra-instinct and due to the disappearance of Meru, maybe this will prompt the new power to crop in Goku’s body.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 64 Release Date

Image of Dragon Ball Super Manga  Chapter 64 release date

For the people who are eagerly waiting for the Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 to release, have to hold their horses. It is a monthly series, so definitely it will release very soon. And for your information, this month’s new chapter is going to officially release on September 19, 2020.

The raw scans of this chapter will release on September 13th and the translators will start to translate and it will be available to read. Once the raw scans will release after two to three days the spoilers will also be released.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 Spoilers

The spoilers for chapter 64 are still not out yet and you have to wait, as of the raw scans still in translation process. You will be updated on this site once the spoilers released, till that time you can read predictions available on different sites.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 63 Spoilers

Merus Resolve was the title of chapter 63. In this chapter, Merus reaches the battlefield, and agent Jaco is in muddle to see him there. Jaco still considers Merus as a Galactic patrol member and he is unaware of his real identity.

On asking why Merus is here on Earth, he replies he is here to train his son Goku. Agent Jaco shortly realizes that not everyone who got injured had disappeared from the battlefield.

All the injurers are transported to a safer place by Merus where Dende can heal them. And the battle between Merus and Moro starts. Merus uses his staff to fight against Moro and it seems he has the upper hand in the battle. Berus and Whis are also present there, Berus is very irritated as always.

Image of Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 63 spoilers

Dende starts to heal injurers and at first, he heals Goku. Berus and Whis start heading towards Bulma’s place and soon Berus comprehends that they are missing Merus. After healing Goku stands up and asks about Moro, Dende answers him that he is fighting with the angle on the battlefield. Goku is well aware that if Merus fight against Moro then he will fade away soon.

Then Goku rushes towards the battlefield where Moro and Merus are fighting. He also starts to push away Moro but he is not that much strong as before. Merus says that Goku is very near to achieving ultra-instinct. So Moro tries to copy Merus abilities but he fails.

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Merus clarifies his idea of fighting against Moro and how he has found a new sense of justice and that he wants to save this universe. The battle is still on and Merus starts to fade away.

Merus at that time says to Goku that he is very near to achieve ultra-instinct, after achieving Goku will have the power which will help him to defeat anyone. At the end of the chapter, Goku is very angry to see all this happening.

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