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The contract lover brings an intriguing story for us. Whatever comes to us without effort, we do not appreciate it. We find it normal and trite and treat it as a thing that we can get again. But what happens when there is something we cannot get?

Indeed the desire to get it this increases. We wish to have it at any cost and want to own it. The value in our mind multiples and we come to recognize the worth of such things. Here we are talking about a man who has no problem getting anything, anyone, from anywhere. But suddenly he meets someone who makes him realize, not all, that comes to us should be taken for granted.

The Contract Lover

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The human mind works in the most unusual of ways. It admires what cannot be owned and what is in our access and in our control appears worthless. The same is the story with one of the richest and powerful persons in the world. He can get any women anytime, anywhere.

But one day he finds a girl who is different. She doesn’t care for money. To her, the family is more important than anything else. The glitter of wealth and money fails to excite her. Who is she? What is she made up of? This makes the man curious. How come she is different? He has dated women more beautiful and haughtier than her. What is so special about her?

The Contract Lover Novel

The story of a womanizer. According to him, no women must be given a company exceeding seven days. This time is enough to get inside out of a girl and after that there is no charm left in her. Well, nobody can afford such an attitude, save for the hero of the novel.

He is the president of one of the largest consortiums of the world. For him, money is not an issue. About relationships, he seeks virgins and only for seven days. He has been like this since the beginning and nobody has dared to challenge him.

The women seeking his company in the novel know this. They feel lucky to spend a moment even around this strong, charming, and marvelous man. It is the benefits and gifts his companionship can bring are generous of the most. And one time favor from him is enough for them to spend their lives in affluence.

One night his car accidentally hits a supple and thin girl of nineteen years of age. She is running late to see her father who needs attention after the cardiac arrest. Once they were affluent and prosperous but suddenly father’s running jewelry business went to dogs.

To evade the creditor the family in the Contract Lover Novel Sky story moved out of their ancestral city and living in this new place, keeping a low profile.

Her stepmother has already made a companion outside and her real daughter though a famous model spends her earning on self. To pay the creditor and to maintain the medical treatment of father it is the responsibility of this poor little half orphaned girl.

The Contract Lover Story

Thus she has no option but to work three jobs, in addition, to continue studies at the university as a sophomore. That night, due to rain, the restaurant closed half an hour late and the last bus has already departed. She must run towards the home because paying a taxi is out of her bounds for now.

Thus in a hurry, she entangles with this rich man’s car. Five thousand are thrown at her face and as the car starts to drive away, she throws the money back at the car. Who is this girl who doesn’t like the money? This intrigues the haughty handsome man. He drops his elite card in case she needs it for any medical treatment.

She takes the card home and there her stepsister’s eyes are wide open. This is the card of the most famous man not just in the city but in the whole world. This card can be used to achieve unbelievable benefits. But her sister considers all this nonsense as you can find it from The Contract Lover PDF read.

Contract Lover Novel

The man finds the stubborn girl again in a high-end restaurant where she is working as a waiter and later multiple encounters with her increases his curiosity. Who is this girl? How can she be so different from the rest of the girls he has met?

He wants to find more about her and comes to know that her life is indeed a mess and her indifference and stubborn attitude is a result of circumstances she is going through. She on the other hand thinks of the wealthy man as a haughty senseless man who doesn’t deserve her attention.

This works like a magic to augment the curiosity of the male protagonist in this story. He must get her to his bed. But will he succeed in doing so? Will he manage to get her for the seven days or there is something more in the plans of the providence?

How will this girl approach him? Will she use him to get her family out of trouble or will she stick to the image created in her mind about this man? Currently, she hates him and wants to avoid encounters in the future. But how come it is getting normal to see him wherever she goes? What does he want from her?

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The Contract Lover Online

The story takes us on the journey of a girl who though sacrifices a lot for her father and later manages to achieve more than any girl of her age can imagine. As the focused minds always get what they want but when you have a noble heart the achievements could multiply many fold.

The novel is written in simple language. The plot is unpretentious and easy to follow but with enough twist and turn. The not really fantasy touch is given to the story due to its relatable content. The characters, scenes, and development in the story are detailed not too much to stretch the story and not too terse to make the reader feel something is missing.

With perfect explanation and interesting developments at suitable intervals, the overall features make “The Contract Lover” a really interesting read.

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  1. Do you have the pdf for the novel? I spent 4usd for the coins on sky novel but pero chapter is so expensive that I’m not even in the half of the novel 😭


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