DTB Meaning On TikTok — Slang Term Explained

Another slang term ‘DTB’ is going viral on the video-sharing app TikTok and users are looking for its meaning. If you are among such users, here is what the slang term ‘DTB’ mean on TikTok.

The users of the video-sharing app TikTok have their own collection of acronyms and slang terms. Users have created these slang terms to simplify their conversation.

Some brainy heads of TikTok have created short terms to keep their conversations secret from the rest of their followers and make them understandable to people to whom they want to convey their message. These short terms and acronyms help users convey their message privately to their friends without letting other users know about what they are talking about.

TikTok users have especially created their own dictionary that consists of thousands of short terms and slang words. Currently, a new short-term ‘DTB’ is going viral on the discover page of TikTok and users are looking for its meaning.

If you wandering to find the meaning of ‘DTB’ we have got you covered. Below we have provided all the possible meanings of the viral acronym ‘DTB’. Stay tuned and get to know all the details.

What Is The Meaning Of DTB On TikTok?

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There are several meanings of the term ‘DTB’ so you have to perceive the meaning of ‘DTB’ based on the context it is used in.

However, the most common meaning of this term is “Don’t trust boys”. You will get to see this term in the captions of videos shared by TikTok female content creators.  

After finding the term offensive, TikTok’s boy’s army has changed it and they are using it to refer to “Don’t trust b*tches”.

Well, these aren’t the only meanings of this slang. There are several other meanings of the term ‘DTB’ revealed by the Urban Dictionary. In the following paragraph, we have gathered the meanings of DTB revealed by the Urban Dictionary.

DTB Full Form TikTok

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Here is what the Urban Dictionary has to say about the meaning of the acronym ‘DTB’.

1. The first meaning of DTB according to the Urban Dictionary: is “Ditch that b*tch. It is used when you really want to get rid of a real b*tch.
Who are you going with to the party?

2. D*ck to bo*bie

I’d dtb my girlfriend but she aint got no brea*ties.

3. Down To Bounce : as in ready to leave but without offending anyone
This party is whack. Are you dtb?

4. “Abbreviation for the words: “Drink the brew”. Meaning to drink large quantities of liquid, but not necessarily to get “tore up”.

Cacie: Oh my god! I’m so thirsty. I’m going to dtb.

Ven: Careful you could be pissing for a very long time.”

5. Down to bang, usually meant as a question to one’s friends asking them if they want to participate in a gangbang of any sort. The “gangbang” can range from anything to group sex and generally fucking someone up to kicking some serious ass in a multiplayer video game(see pub stomp). The last is often the most fun and enjoyable.
(on instant messager)
Guy1 to Guy 2: dtb?
Guy2: sure, gimme a min.
Guy2 to Guy3: hey man me and a few others are dtb, u in?
Guy3: Fu*k yeah, lez bang!

“DTB BUT U TALKING TO 3 BITCHES AT THE SAME TIME”, wrote another user on the internet. This shorthand is also going viral on Twitter.

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The Last Words

This was all about the meaning of DTB on TikTok and on other internet platforms. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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