Duduzane Challenge — A Next Level Walking Challenge

The son of former president of South Africa, Duduzane’s Instagram video has given rise to Duduzane Challenge. Video was posted on the Instagram of Duduzane that features him walking while playing a song in background. To be honest it was not just a simple walk but a creative one.

This video was posted on the Instagram but soon it paved its path on twitter. It just not reached twitter but stormed it with the hashtags #DuduzaneZumaWalkChallenge and #DuduzaneZumaChallenge. The video features Duduzane along with his friends walking into the frame making spot for themselves one by one. Want to know more about the trend? If yes, then keep reading.

As the challenge goes viral the video’s background song (Imali eningi), sung by Big Zulu is also going viral on the internet. As the song is climbing towards the top of local music charts, Big Zulu has taken it to his social media. He added “I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude to SA. I want to say thank you for the love that you have shown my song, Imali Eningi. It has made us so happy to see the song rise.”

He further added “I also just want to particularly thank my brother Duduzane Zuma, Msholozi, for the challenge that he created using our song. I don’t have much to give, just words from my heart to say I’m truly grateful … Thank you so much,”

What Is Duduzane Challenge

Image Of What Is Duduzane Challenge.

Since Duduzane has added a twist in normal walking, women on twitter have poured millions of hearts and lovely comments towards the trend. But most of the men are not really amazed by this new trend. Few have tried to copy the walking style of president’s son while others did not approve the vogue.

A twitter user came forward to praise the trend using the following words, “There’s just something about this man that makes every man in SA look less attractive. I’m ready to be his side dish,” she further added that, she cannot express her feelings about how Duduzane made her feel but it went beyond a little crush.

Duduzane Walk Challenge

Image Of Duduzane Zuma Walk Challenge.

Born in 1984, Duduzane got married to Shanice Stork in 2015. He also has a twin brother named Duduzile Zuma. For Duduzane walking is not just a normal thing. With a handful of pumps, and a step that shows nothing but poise, Duduzane has got attentions of all female users on twitter. The female users of twitter have also defended him as the male users have given negative comments towards the challenge.

Seeing the negative comments coming from some men, a female user has come forward saying, “Men needed to calm down and start practicing Duduzane’s million dollar walk”. She further added “Love or hate him, Duduzane is definitely the man he thinks he is. Haters are having sleepless nights. You guys will die of heart attacks,”

In response to these comments a man responded saying ““We want to see our girlfriends drool over us like they do when they see this man.” Another user, after participating in this challenge said “I would not let my girlfriend be entertained by other men. While I am still alive.”

Another user responded with a hilarious comment saying, men work hard to bring cars and change their wardrobes to impress women and they are going crazy for a pointless walk. He further added, “We need to start accepting that we’ll never truly and fully understand women. You guys are very complicated human beings,”

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Bottom Line

This was all about the Duduzane walking Challenge that has created buzz on the internet. We just hope that this article has provided all available information that you needed to know.

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