Billie Eilish Account Coochiedestroyer5 TikTok

Nowadays “coochiedestroyer5 TikTok” is gaining a lot of traction. In a very short span of time it has won million of hearts. Followers are amazed who is using it? Yes it is Billie Eillish account. She is on TikTok with a new name coochiedestroyer5 TikTok. It has reached 3 million followers. But her fans are thinking that how a celebrity would make an account with such a name called coochiedestroyer5 TikTok.

Because so far they have not seen any celebrity using such a name coochiedestroy5 TikTok. Since rebranding from to TikTok, the video sharing app has only continued to explode in popularity. As the months go by. TikTok has filled the hole in people’s scrolling left by Vine’s departure, and countless trends have started thanks to the app’s various features and razor-sharp algorithm.

While plenty of stars have begun their career on the app. Like Charli Amelio and Addison Rae, a crop of celebs from other walks of the entertainment industry have made their way onto the app to join in the fun, including huge stars like Jason Derulo.

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Who Is Billie Eilish?

18-year-old mega star Billie Eilish is a key target age range for TikTok, and it seems that she’s given it a go along with millions of other curious and often skeptical people — and she didn’t hold back when picking her username. You might have been seeing the name Billie Eilish often and it’s not surprising considering she just won multiple Grammys and is about to embark on a world tour.

Even though the 18-year-old singer with the colorful hair and baggy clothes is taking pop music by storm, you may not know much about her yet. Eilish is from the neighborhood of Highland Parkwhich is located in the northeast part of Los Angeles, California. She still lives there with her parents in the two bedroom home  she grew up in.

Her parents sleep in the living room so that she has her own room and a second bedroom to record music. That designated room is where she and brother recorded many of her hits, though he no longer lives at home. Speaking about her California upbringing, Eilish has said there’s a big misconception about being from LA.

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Billie Eilish TikTok ID

Eilish has one studio album, one live album, and one EP. She’s also released a number of solo tracks and remixes over the years. She released her debut EP “don’t smile at me which included hits like “Ocean Eyes” and “Bellyache,” in August 2017.  The EP was a sleeper hit and peaked at no.8 nearly two years after its release on January 26, 2019.

It’s official. Billie Eilish has hopped on the TikTok train. … But the most talked-about element of Eilish’s new TikTok account isn’t the videos themselves; it’s the handle. Though the name on the profile is listed as “TikTok,” the account’s url/username is @CoochieDestroyer5. With over 60 million followers on the social media app, Billie Eilish is known to regularly post on her popular Instagram account.

But when fans looked at her account this morning, they realized that she was slowly in-following everyone, until she eventually got to zero. one of her followers said that last night i opened my app like usual, and to my surprise, an original video of Billie showed up on my ” For You” page and let me tell you, her content is gold.


She is 19 years old according to the internet. Billie has posted just one video on the internet and it has 29.4 million views and 6 million likes. So far she has not uploaded her bio on TikTok but almost everything about her life and bio has been on the internet. Her height is 5 feet 3 inches. On her Instagram account she has 69 million followers.

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