Eat Your Vegetables Trend TikTok – Vegan Teacher’s Trend

Remember that vegan teacher who was in TikTok headlines a few months earlier? Well, her advice “Eat Your Vegetables” has now become a whole new trend on TikTok. Here is everything we know about this trend so far.

TikTok is the go-to place if you want to stay updated about all the viral trends on the internet. This platform is also the best place to witness funny short videos and skits. But there also are some dodgy challenges like the recent milk crate challenge the magnet balls challenge, that you must identify and avoid taking part in.

Most recently the TikTok users are obsessed with a whole new trend. It involves users screaming out the phrase “Eat Your Vegetables”. The popularity of this weird trend is increasing day by day but some users are confused about its origins and purpose. If you are among these users here is everything you must know about the Eat Your Vegetables Trend from TikTok.

What Is Eat Your Vegetables Trend On TikTok?

The “Eat Your Vegetables” trend is the recent viral video trend on TikTok that involves users lip-synching to the phrase “eat your vegetables”. This viral trend takes its roots back to the vegan teacher who is known on TikTok for her vegan values.

This famous animal activist has remained part of various controversies hence she is known to almost every TikTok user. From her online battle with Gordon Ramsay to her arrest news and then her TikTok handle’s ban, we have already heard a lot about the Vegan Teacher from TikTok.

That vegan teacher is followed by millions of people on TikTok, Instagram, and many other social media platforms. Most of her content revolves around vegan values and animal rights. She also composes songs to educate people about animal rights and to attract them towards the vegan lifestyle.

This popular animal activist has faced backlash many times on the internet for forcing her values on people. In one of her viral videos, the Vegan Teacher can be heard screaming “Eat your vegetaaaables.”

Considering the popularity of her videos, TikTok users have thought of putting a spin on her clips hence a whole new trend has begun that only revolves around the popular vegan teacher’s content.

What Does Eat Your Vegetables Trend Mean On TikTok

The “Eat Your Vegetables Trend” has begun after a TikTok user @sulfateoctagon rolled a video. In the video, the user was seen Lip-synching to the vegan teacher’s ‘eat your vegetables’ clip. The Vegan Teacher’s popular phrase is now turned into a new sound and the TikTok users seem obsessed with it.

As soon as the video was uploaded on TikTok by @sulfateoctagon, video creators have started using the background sound to come up with their own version of the “Eat Your Vegetables” trend.

While lip-synching to the sound, users are also doing a short dance. To give their videos a touch of creativity, some users have recorded the videos having some veggies in their hands.

However, there isn’t any signature choreography for the trend, every user comes up with unique ideas and dance moves.

Thousands of users have already hopped into the trend and they are spinning the vegan teacher’s videos to their fullest. Some of the users are simply taking part in the trend to troll the Vegan Teacher for forcing her values on people. They are trying to showcase how weirdly the vegan teacher delivers her message to the internet users.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the popular TikTok trend, Eat Your Vegetables that have started after users have planned to put a spin on the videos of that vegan teacher. Hopefully, you have got all the information you needed to know.

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