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If you are probing to know about the famous Edgar Meme, its origin and spread then you have opened the most relevant post. Keep reading and get to know all details about this viral meme that made its way from YouTube.

Memes have become an important part of our social media lives. Without these the social platforms might not be much attractive. Currently, memes are the one factor that are uniting the social media users from all around the world.

This time a fifteen year old meme has resurged on the social media platforms and users are wondering to know the back-story of this trendy meme. If you are among those users then you are going through the most related site. In this article you will get enlightened with all details about this Mexican YouTube meme. Stick with us!

What Is Edgar Meme

Edgar Meme is an old meme that takes its roots back to 2006. It became famous after a video named “Edgar’s Fall” was uploaded on YouTube. This video was uploaded before May 8, 2006 from Mexico. This video is one of popular videos of YouTube with more than 70 Million views as of now.

The video features Édgar Martinez and Fernando two Mexican cousins hiking in woods with their uncle Raúl. Raul is the person who captured this hilarious moment. The video starts with Edgar who was sharing his fear about crossing a bridge made from two long branches that crosses a small stream.

Fernando keeps teasing him saying that he will push Edger off the bridge. After a while Fernando again consoles Edgar that he was just kidding and he will not push him into the steam.

Somehow, the hesitant Edgar collects some courage to move forward, as soon as he moves forward on the bridge, Fernando starts moving the branch and poor Edgar loses his balance and falls down to the stream. Edgar curses Fernando intensively while getting out of water while Fernando keeps apologizing.

Origin Of Edgar Meme

Image Of Origin Of Edgar Meme

After the video went viral on YouTube, the video was covered by various newspapers and TV channels in Mexico. Edgar, Fernando and Raul were even featured in commercial called La Venganza de Édgar (Édgar’s Revenge). Edgar fall video became so popular that there are even ringtones, games, parodies and remixes featuring it.

Besides this video meme, “Edgar Haircut” is also famous among the meme creators. It refers to a high bald tapered hairstyle which is sometimes also referred as Takuache. Takuache is a slang term that is used to describe Mexican men who wear expensive boots, belts and jeans and they enjoy driving large trucks. The most popular depiction of Edgar meme is a short Mexican teen with the aforementioned haircut and a wide smile.

Spread On Internet

Image Of Spread On Internet

This meme was originated when on November 2nd, 2017 a Facebook user posted some images requesting the public to help him search couple of teens who stole his truck. Along with the photos of truck, he posted the pictures of teens, who were having Edgar Haircut.

Later in 2019, the screenshots of these teens were shared on various social media platforms including TikTok, Facebook and Twitter.

You might also have heard that, the person who is the subject of this meme (Teen in the Edgar Meme) is dead. We do not agree to this news because there isn’t any conformation about this. People are saying that he has killed himself but for now we will consider this as just rumor.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the famous Edgar meme and the Edgar fall video. Hope you have got enough information about this viral meme phrase.

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