Emma Chamberlain Car — Here’s All You Need To Know

YouTube is filled with car reveal videos and this time audience is obsessed with the car revealed by Emma Chamberlain. If you want to know about this classy car, keep reading.

It has become a custom for celebrities to reveal their vehicles. The audience also loves to watch their favorite celebrities with their classy cars. The car revealing video trend started on YouTube when famous personalities shared snaps and videos of their newly purchased car. Now, it has become a common practice for celebrities to purchase new cars and make revealing videos for each of them.

Among some of famous YouTuber’s is Emma Chamberlain. She has a huge fan following and people love to watch her videos. The fans are now curious to know about her ride. If you are also among those followers of Emma Chamberlain, here is all you need to know about her car.

Emma Chamberlain is quite famous for her Vlogs. Her vlogs are always fun to watch hence she has millions of followers from all around the world. Most of the time, she Vlogs about her daily life but the Vlogs surely treat to eyes.

This popular YouTube star is an Americans and she was born in San Francisco, California. Emma currently lives in Los Angeles and she is 19 years old.

When it comes to YouTube, she started her YouTube channel in 2016 but she posted her first video in June 2017. Within a short time span of two years, she successfully amassed over 8 million subscribers. People love her content so her channel is growing with each passing day.

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What Car Does Emma Chamberlain Drive

Image Of What Car Does Emma Chamberlain Drive

The biggest reason for her popularity is, she starred with a lot of big YouTubers. Along with this, she is also popular for her unique content. She has also won several awards for her videos so almost everyone on YouTube knows her.

Currently, this popular YouTuber has over 10 million subscribers and almost all of videos amass more than 3 million views. On her overall videos, she has gained 1 billion views. Besides her YouTube channel she also runs a podcast named ‘Anything Goes’. Emma has also told her fans that she sells merchandise and also has her own coffee company.4

After becoming popular as a YouTuber, she has now started her career as a model. She is also invited to Paris Fashion Week, so we will see her moving into other industries as well.

As she is quite popular among audiences, people often question about her car. Although, all famous YouTuber’s do car reveal videos but we haven’t seen Emma doing any such video. So, it is a valid point for her fans to be curious about her ride.

However, Emma hasn’t revealed anything about her car so far. But considering her lavish house and net worth we can say, she must be having a flashy and sporty car.

The interesting point here is that she is never seen driving a car. In most of her videos, she is filmed behind the wheel. Considering the curiosity of fans, we did extensive research about her car.

After seeing one of her Insta posts, we think that she might have a Mitsubishi Outlander which is a large and luxurious SUV offering enough space. We also noticed that she has installed some additional features inside the car so it looks upgraded from the basic model.

Bottom Line

This was all about the popular YouTuber Emma Chamberlain and her car. Though Emma hasn’t talked about her car in any of her videos but through our own research we have found Mitsubishi Outlander to be her ride.

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  1. Definitely not a outlander. Maybe do a little research on cars. Obviously a Mercedes you can tell from the outside of the car and the gear shifter in the picture you have of her in the car. Just telling you to do more research and not look at an Instagram picture of her with an outlander in the back. And it was taken in New York.


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