Erika Costell OnlyFans — All You Need To Know

Seen a lot of Erika Costell OnlyFans related posts lately? Well that’s true. The social media sensation, singer, model, songwriter and YouTuber Erika Costell has launched her OnlyFans to share more of the behind the scenes with her followers. Most of the times content creators make OnlyFans accounts to share adult posts.

To see the content, users have to pay for the subscriptions. OnlyFans is a platform where content creators can post exclusive content against a monthly subscription. These accounts are further used to interact more closely with the followers.

Upon being asked about the decision of Erika Costell OnlyFans she said “In my opinion it’s the easiest platform on which to communicate one on one with my audience while simultaneously sharing real-time content,” she further added “I’ve been looking for a platform where I could separate my younger audience from my older audience; OnlyFans is allowing me to do so.”

The above statement clarifies Erika is looking forward to segregate her fanbase on the basis of their age. So that she will be able to connect with her older fanbase on a more personal level which cannot be done on her other social media channels.

Why Erika Costell Joins OnlyFans?

Image Of Why Erika Costell Joins OnlyFans

Erika Costell has joined OnlyFans on 9th of November. Upon launching her new account she addressed her followers using the following words “”It’s important for me to connect with my folowers on a deeper level that involves more than just posting hot pictures on Instagram,” she added more that. “I love how OnlyFans has given their content creators the freedom to be their authentic selves with no judgment.

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OnlyFans is one of the popular platform for adult entertainment creators. Using this stage they can interact with their fans more closely. They can further allow their followers to watch their original content. Erika says that she has retained a vast backlog of her content since many years and she was searching for a best platform to display all of this. Finally she has found the right platform in shape of OnlyFans.

When she was asked about the type of content she is going to share, she replied that, it mostly consist of “fun and sexy photoshoot montages”. It also contains some unseen photos from her travel Vlog. Further, some amazing scenes from her modeling events will also be there.

Erica further stated that “l essentially have the behind the scenes from the past couple years of my life – my team films everything!” she says. “I just haven’t had a platform that made sense for some of this content until now.”

The basic reason for her to join OnlyFans is that she doesn’t want to be judged. Moreover, she wants to show the raw and authentic side of her life.

How Far Will She Go On OnlyFans?

Image Of How Far Will Erika Costell Go On OnlyFans

Right after Erika Costell OnlyFans account has commenced she shared some of her insecurities in following words:

 “I feel a little nervous about getting on the platform. Because I don’t think it’s something my fans would expect from me. I’m so excited to be the real, raw version of myself that people haven’t seen on other platforms.

It has been so hard keeping this launch and all of the content around it a secret. But I really wanted it to be a big surprise. I wanted to get on OnlyFans because I do so many things on a daily basis that no one knows about and that my fans have never seen. It’s important for me to connect with them on a deeper level. It involves more than just posting hot pictures on Instagram.

I love how OnlyFans has given their content creators the freedom to be their authentic selves with no judgement. What I’m looking forward to most with this launch is sharing unreleased music, showing behind the scenes footage of my latest music video ‘No Roof’, and giving my fans an inside look at my modeling career, my travel experiences and even my love life. Overall, I’m really excited to be an open book, engage with a new audience and be able to connect with everyone one on one,” says Costell.

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