Why Does Sykkuno Covers His Mouth — Explained

If you are a fan of Sykkuno and you are probing to know Why Does Sykkuno Covers His Mouth, then you’re reading the most relevant article. Read on! and you will get to know Sykkuno’s secret behind hiding his mouth.

Sykkuno is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer who mainly plays video games. His real name is Thomas but he is mainly known as Sykkuno on YouTube.

He was born on 4th June 1992 in Los Angeles, California and he is of Chinese and Vietnamese descent. Sykkuno has completed his Master’s degree in Statistics, with a Minor in Mathematics prior to streaming fulltime.

Currently, he mainly focuses on streaming games such as League of Legends, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Among Us, Valorant, and Minecraft.

Sykkuno has a huge fan base with more than 820k subscribers on YouTube and recently he hits 1 million followers on Twitch. He has gained much fame at a very young age. He started streaming on YouTube in 2012 with uploading League Of Legend’s content.

Later he started streaming on Twitch in May 2019, when one of his friends, LilyPichu suggested him to do so. He has also worked with a show named as Rajjchelor.

Why Does Sykkuno Covers His Mouth When He Laughs?

You might have seen a question flaunting on internet these days, regarding this famous YouTuber’s smile. People are curious to know why does Sykkuno covers his mouth while laughing. To all the people out there here is the answer.

Some of his fans have the opinion that, Sykkuno covers his face while laughing because he has some insecurities. He thinks that his teeth aren’t straight so he tries to cover his teeth while laughing.

Some other followers of Sykkuno came up with the belief that, there is a problem with Chinese people that often they do not want to show their teeth. This may also be the case. In past Chinese people used to follow a tradition of blackening teeth known as Ohaguro. The practice was followed to distinguish married and unmarried ones.

None of the above opinion is correct because in reality Sykkuno has a very pleasant personality and smile. Upon asking the same question once in an Interview Sykkuno responded that, in past, people used to make fun of his laugh since then he basically does it out of habit now.

Is Sykkuno In OfflineTv?

Image Of Is Sykkuno In OfflineTv.

Many of the fans also want to know if Sykkuno has moved to OfflineTv or not. The answer is yes. Following the Pokimane’s footsteps, Sykkuno has joined Offline TV in August 2020. He has moved to the OfflineTV house. You should also know that he is not an official member of OfflineTv yet. Because, currently he is on trial.

Is Sykkuno Gay?

Image Of Is Sykkuno Gay.

Sykkuno often quotes that “girls aren’t into me that way”, this quote has created an unending controversy among his fans. Some of his followers think that he’s Gay while others just oppose the statement.

But the reality is totally different, Sykkuno has more female audience than males.  He is one of the Twitch stars who hold more females audiences than males, and this is one reason behind his huge impact, along with his hard work and dedication.

In a recent post, Sykkuno has responded to his fans questions by saying that he is not a Gay or anything but actually he is straight.

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Summing up the article with the facts that, Sykkuno covers his mouth while laughing, just because he has a habit of doing so. Further he is not Gay as explained by him in one of his social media post. If you want to know more about Sykkuno then You may just drop a comment below.

8 thoughts on “Why Does Sykkuno Covers His Mouth — Explained”

  1. learn to talk before saying anything first of all and second there is nothing wrong with being gay its ok third u are probably like 12 im 10 and idc that his gay even if he is just leave him alone u probably wear makeup so just stfu like i barely know him he has a insecurity just stop ur making it worst

  2. He’s not gay. And even if he is you should be happy about it, (if you’re loyal fans). so pls stop talking ride about him

  3. First,gay or not he is still him..I’ll always love him second makeup is used by male models,actor and idols nothing wrong with that


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