Eseba Meaning On TikTok — Explored

On TikTok, some users are bombarding a new jargon ‘Eseba’ in video captions and in the comment section while the rest of the users are looking to know its meaning. If you are among such users looking to know the meaning of Eseba, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about this viral slang.

TikTok is full of slang terms, jargons, and acronyms which of course are not easy for a new user to cope with. Just recently, we talked about slang terms like ‘Fruity’ and ‘SW’ that were used to talk about explicit things. And now a new jargon is being invented.

This slang term has amassed popularity on TikTok after it is being used by a TikTok user Iran Ferreira. In a viral video, Iran Ferreira was heard screaming ‘Eseba’ every time he scored a goal in a video game. Some followers of this content creator found this term to be a weird one. Hence it has created curiosity among the users. So what is the meaning of ‘Eseba’ and where does it come from? We have broken down everything here in this article. Have a look!

What Is The Meaning Of Eseba On TikTok?

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Several users on TikTok have captioned their videos as ‘eseba’ while adding to the curiosity of people who are not aware of this jargon. Some users are also seen using several variations of it, including ‘esebaa’ or ‘esheba’.

Well, Eseba is a Portuguese phrase that is commonly used to celebrate something very special. If you have achieved something extraordinary you will say ‘eseba’. This is the reason why Iran Ferreira also was using this phrase after every goal scored. He was actually celebrating his score in the Portuguese language.

If you are a diehard fan of Christiano you must have watched that video where Ronaldo’s son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr was screaming eseba” after scoring a goal in training.

Although, this phrase has existed for quite a long now but it has boasted popularity after getting viral on TikTok.

Eseba TikTok Meaning Explored

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Some TikTok users are confusing the word Eseba with ‘Esheba’. Though these two words sound quite similar they hold different meanings and you must not confuse them at any cost.

Esheba is a Hebrew name that translates to ‘God chose’. Despite having a different meaning, Esheba is being confused for Eseba by most of the TikTok creators.

After being used in several video captions, the hashtag Eseba has become immensely popular on TikTok. As of now, the hashtag Eseba has amassed over 20 million views on the video-sharing app.

The phrase is closely linked with Football and it is often being said by Portuguese players. In simple terms, eseba is used to say ‘Exceptional’, ‘Exceptional Goal’.

For the popularity of this phrase, all credit goes to the TikTok content creator Iran. Iran is popular for his football skills. He is often seen playing dirt pitches and after scoring each goal he is seen saying ‘eseba’ at the camera.

This TikTok creator has a follower base of over 10 million on TikTok. And he is also quite popular among Instagram users. On Instagram, he has amassed over 7 million followers. According to his social media bios, he is a digital creator.

Almost all of his videos go viral on TikTok. As of now, he has boasted a whopping 161 million on all his TikTok videos.

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The Last Words

This was all about the meaning of Eseba on TikTok and the origin of this jargon. Hopefully, you have found all the details about this viral TikTok term.

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