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A new acronym ‘SW’ is making rounds on Foryou page of TikTok and users are looking to get its meaning. If you are among the users confused about the meaning of SW, we have got you covered! Here is everything you need to know about SW.

TikTok is filled with a variety of viral slang and acronyms. Instead of long long phrases, TikTok’s Gen Z prefers to talk using slang terms and acronyms. Following the passion of Gen Z’s creating acronyms with each passing day, TikTok has become a whole new world of slang terms.

Although most teenagers are aware of what these slang terms mean, millennials face difficulty coping with them. To help such users completely understand the captions and conversations, BrunchVirals always come up with the meaning of trendy slang. And this time we are here with the meaning of the TikTok acronym ‘SW’. Here is everything you need to know!

What Is The Meaning Of SW On TikTok?

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The word ‘SW’ bears different meanings on several internet platforms. However, on TikTok, this acronym is used for an explicit term.

The TikTok acronym ‘SW’ is used to talk about people who work as ‘Sex Workers’. Such terms are mainly used by OnlyFans creators. The reason behind the usage of such short terms is, TikTok doesn’t favor explicit terms and shadowbans the creators who are found using these.

Thus, because of the fear of getting shadowbanned, most TikTok content creators use acronyms instead of explicit terms. Similar is the case with ‘SW’, it is used by the TikTok creators who want to direct users to their explicit OnlyFans accounts.

Some users are using this acronym to help remove the stigma around sex work.  A few of the TikTok content creators have an opinion that sex workers are doing their job quite similar to every one of us. Thus, they must not be stigmatized and judged for their work.

This acronym is used by sex workers, prostitutes, escorts, strippers to talk about their job.

SW Meaning TikTok

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Well, besides sex work, the acronym SW is also used to refer to the popular Star Wars series. It may also be used instead of ‘Sarcasm warning’. Similarly, it can also be used to talk about spectral warning, selected works, slow-wave, special warfare, and sea watching.

You may also use the word to say “So What?”. However, the most common meaning of ‘SW’ is Sex work or sex workers.

According to the Urban Dictionary, SW has several meanings. However, the most common ones are sex work/sex workers, StreetWalker, Star Wars, Software, and So What.

Well, it depends on the scenario in which this acronym is being used. If you are talking to any teenager or they might use ‘SW’ to say ‘So what’. Though it’s quite rude to use such rude terms, but teenagers these days are into slang terms and this game is getting stronger with each passing day.

Here are some other meanings of SW, and you must remember them to stay ahead in the shortcut’s game.

1. Star Web

2. Strategic Wing

3. Severe Weathering

4. Space Weapon

5. Sea Water

6. Short Along World Lines

7. Super Woofer

8. Street Walker

9. Smooth Wall

10. Stop and Wait

11. Sesame Workshop

12. Small works

13. Socket Weld

14. Swann

15. Stormwind

16. Since when?

17. Sweeper

18. Say What?

19. Spyware

20. Subway

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The Last Words

These were all the possible meanings of SW on TikTok and other social media platforms. Hopefully, you have found all the information you needed to know.

If you are aware of any other meaning of SW, let us know in the comment box below.

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